In conversation with Bharti Taneja, Alps Beauty Group

Tanya Virmani with Bharti Taneja
After my interview with Bharti Taneja.

Bharti Taneja needs no introduction. She is the renowned Aesthetician & Cosmetologist and Founder Director of Alps Group. Her diligent commitment to women has led her to bring the latest technology in makeup and beauty care to India. She offers really affordable solutions to women and her name has become synonymous with beauty and glamour. She was the first to introduce the concept of beauty clinics. Here is my heart to heart interview with her wherein the lady reveals her secrets for the success in beauty business.

Tanya Virmani with Bharti Taneja
After my interview with Bharti Taneja.

Interview with Bharti Taneja

Tanya: Tell us about your new launches.

Bharti Taneja: Alot of new products have been launched by the brand. The 2 way cake is a foundation + powder product that’s the latest. Small eye shadow palettes with 4 shades are specially created for travel purpose where one needs compact and easy to carry products. Till now our product model was B2B but now it’s B2C. There is difference in packaging and the products are rich in SPF and Vitamin E.

Tanya: What is your secret of confidence?

Bharti Taneja: Confidence comes with knowledge. Work hard and learn from a good institute. Education makes all the difference.

Tanya: 5 tips to young entrepreneurs.

Bharti Taneja:

  1. Learn from a good institute.
  2. Do what your passion is.
  3. Believe in yourself
  4. Do lot of hard work.
  5. Be honest: clients will come back again and again.

Tanya: How affordable are your makeup products & where are they available?

Bharti Taneja: The colour cosmetics are affordable, not too expensive. We bring affordable solutions to women. The products are available at all the Alps clinics and popular online sites like Nykaa, Flipkart, Amazon etc.

Tanya: Which products would you recommend for the working women?

Bharti Taneja: I would highly recommend the 2 way cake which is a mix of base and powder. Apply a blush on, kaajal and colorful eyeliners. Add on a lipgloss or lipstick and you are ready to go.

Tanya: Which is your favourite lipstick shade from your collection?

Bharti Taneja: No 6 which is a pinkish purple. That is a must have shade which goes with almost all the outfits.

Tanya: What are the ways for young girls to train under you?

Bharti Taneja: I always take one class at the end of the beauty course at all my institutes. I am very approachable to everyone who trains in my institutes.

Tanya: What are the professions one can take up in the makeup world?

Bharti Taneja: There are lots of options like: Beautician, Hair Stylist, Hair Colourist, Makeup Artist, Celebrity Makeup Artist, Aesthetician, Salon Management and so on.

Tanya: What are the ways to avoid makeup disasters?

Bharti Taneja: Always match your base colour with your skintone. There are experts available at all the shops. I am also making small films on how to use my products and look beautiful. These would help the viewers to buy what suits them.

Tanya: What are your future launches?

Bharti Taneja: I will be adding more eye shadows, lip balms, eyeliners, mascaras for everyday use, lots of hair and beauty products like face wash, body wash and shampoos.

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