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It’s been a good day. I have received my Dove Elixir Spa hamper and the lovely Dove Body Lotions hamper. It’s a double delight like one of those two scoops of different flavoured ice-creams in one cone :p. You get the taste of both at one go. Well, Thank you Dove for this kind generosity. You are really helping me in preparing to brave the winters. These body lotions will go a long way and with skin really going through a rough patch in the season- these lotions are a total rescue pair. Here is my take on Dove Body Lotions :-

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog
Dove Body Lotions
  1. Dove essential nourishment body lotion. Price Rs 200 for 250 ml. The lotion works well for normal to dry skin and provides deep nourishment for daily softness. The deep care complex gradually improves the skin and leaves a fully moisturised skin surface.
  2. Dove Indulgent nourishment body lotion with shea butter. Price Rs 225 for 250 ml. You can easily turn your daily care need to a daily treat with the goodness of shea butter extracts coupled with nourishing cream. The lotion melts into the skin and leaves a beautiful glow. The lotion works well for normal skin.
  • Both the lotions have lovely fragrances and glide on smoothly on the skin.
  • Easily absorbed by the skin.
  • Non-oily with smooth texture.
  • Priced moderately, the bottle will run through the month (unless over-usage due to skin requirement).
  • The packaging is convenient.

The lotions work well on the skin and are a quick go to for dry hands. My routine is well suited with these for moisturising during the night. Apart from that, I require lotions frequently for my hands during winters. Overall, the lotions are budget-friendly and a good buy to save yourself from light and extreme winters.

Disclaimer: The body lotions have been sent by the brand but the opinions are my own.

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