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Moisturised lips

Welcome to another blogpost by Indian Makeup Blogger.

Caring for lips becomes very important during winters. This is one beauty regime that everyone should follow. Ever wondered how pollution, dust, temperature, stress and other external extremities dry and chap your lips? Try these simple yet effective tips and take care of your lips all day, all night, always.

How to moisturise dry lips? Let’s Expresso along with Elle 18 bring to you these quick tips for those pouty moisturised lips.

#Step 1:  Begin your day with with a glass of warm water with one squeezed out lemon juice. Super for skin, super for lips.

#Step 2: Apply a layer of lip balm before you step out of the house. Elle 18 has 6 yummy shades to choose from. A lip balm is a must in your bag to moisturise as often as required.

#Step 3: Water water water: Drink alot of water throughout the day. Water hydrates the entire body and the skin feels lively and fresh. Carry a bottle with you on the go.

#Step 4: Do not lick your lips. We all have a habit of licking our lips when dry. Avoid and use a lip balm instead.

#Step 5: Keep smiling and do it as often as possible. It makes you look attractive and positive.

Let’s Expresso also recommends:

  • Apply natural oils and ghee easily available in your home to moisturise your lips. Apply adequately on your lips at night before sleeping and see the effect the next day. Do not expect an overnight magic. You will have to continuously apply for a few days to see healthy lips.
  • Add alot of greens and fruits in your diet.
  • Winters have a harsh effect on lips. Start taking care from the beginning of the weather. Prevention is better than cure.
  • Exfoliate. Apply a lip balm. Let it set and then buffer away the flakes with a wet towel

Hope these tips will help and you all will have beautiful smiling lips throughout the season.

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