Mom’s Day Out | Happy Mother’s Day

W for woman

Mother’s Day is just another reminder to say, ‘Thank You God’ for giving a mom who’s inseparable and worth every drop of blood running in all the veins put together. If there is one thing which not only me, but everyone reading this post would agree- Mom is a friend in need and a friend indeed. If even the entire world puts a back at you, your mom would be standing there face to face, hand in hand.

On this Mother’s Day, I’ve a million reasons to thank my mom. And W for Woman has been a sweet heart to make the Day and the occasion super special. With a hamper full of useful goodies, they have sent across 2 similar kurtas for me and my mom. I’m thinking of many ways to style our looks in the same manner and post a picture soon. Thank you W once again to make the day super special for the both of us.

W for woman
The kurtas are superb and the fabric-Oh! So soothing for this heat.
Happy Mothers Day
The beautiful earrings to accompany the beautiful Kurta.

P.S: There are exciting offers on their stores. Take your mom along and indulge her in some fun and special moments. It’s her day today and year through. Make it her #MomsDayOut .

Also to thank is McCain Foods for a token of love sent for Mother’s Day. Since, I have the luxury of having 2 moms, this is my way of thanking my ma-in law. With a hamper full of sumptuous McCain variants of Frozen food and a Thank you Card, food and emotions are on a free flow.

P.S: McCain Frozen food is my go to rescue for sudden hunger pangs, sudden guest pangs and sudden mood pangs.McCain food

We can never thank our moms enough; we can never do for them enough, still go ahead and surprise the lovely ladies in your lives. Tell your mommy how super special she is. Take a moment and thank her for everything and being a part of who you are. You wouldn’t have reached so far without that tender love and care and her endless sleepless nights.

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