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Nivea Cream
Nivea Cream

It was in 1982- my first trip to Frankfurt. The winter chill at Frankfurt mainz exit provoked me to buy a round blue tin container about 6 centimeters to take care of my dry & frost bitten face. The container was picked with great reluctance as an Indian I had never applied it before. Only face product used by me was in winters- Charmis crème ,which had the tendency of too much stickiness. But after the first application I fell in love with the product & till day after thirty years the winter feel & smell of Nivea creme is a symbol of trust & constant companionship. It’s like winter oxygen to me, the smell is intoxicating, the touch is petal like & stickiness NO. I graduated from husband to father to father in law & still the blue can is with me & a word of mouth publicity from me for the attributes of the brand. The crème brand has acquired more companions now for bath care, body care, deodorants, face care, skin care ,men’s grooming care, but the romance of NIVEA CRÈME is unbelievable.

Come winters & the blue tin of NIVEA (a global skin care & body care brand owned by Beirsdorf of Germany ,company founded on March 28th, year 1882 by pharmacist Carl Paul Beiersdorf ) is  back on the dressing tables, to take care of the winter roughness.

This subtle cream is the first crème with water-in-oil emulsion, a skin cream with Eucerit made form lanolin, found in sheep wool, the first stable emulsion of its kind prepared in 1911.

In the year 1924 Nivea was marketed in blue tin with white logo  & till date the packaging CONCEPT remains the same, though tin has been replaced by polypropylene container in certain packs. In 1963 Nivea expanded its range to liquid Nivea Crème  in the form of water oil emulsion, launched for all over body care. Come Circa 1982 Nivea expands the portfolio for skin & body care through a large number of sub-brands & the company goes global in a big way. The company expands the brand to sub-brand in the entire body care, men care as the brand understands the need of customers & offers array of products to suit the needs of target audience who are on lookout for easy to acquire skin care products that have the seal of NIVEA which is synonymous to quality & consistency.

Nivea is a well accepted & recognized brand today but not as aggressive as L’Oreal. Nivea customers are loyal to the product but new customers to join the loyalty brigade are not that curious due to brand’s non aggressive approach.

In 2011, Nivea celebrates 100 years of skincare-  pop diva Rihanna is the key performer for the skincare commercial campaign with the song “California King bed”.

Nivea products are dermatologicaly tested & colorant free. As a regular &  genuine user of NIVEA crème I find the following nine attributes for the product which compels me to advocate for the product  to the  potential new  user.

1. Packaging: The packaging is very user friendly & the last ml of the product can be used without any adhering loss on the container.

2. Smell: It’s got alluring fragrance to hypnotize the user with the scent of lanolin with herbal tonality.

3. Texture: It has the cookie batter like consistency texture, freely applicable with finger touch.

4. Stickiness: It is neither heavily oiled nor greasy.

5. Washing off: Even though it is oil based it can be easily wiped off with ultra soft tissue & rinsed with soap.

6 Appearance: It does not give any shining skin or greasy look.

7. Soft touch: On application to dry skin there is no excess moisturizing.

8. Multi location application: Can be applied on face, legs, arms, heels.

9. Cost: It is frugally priced & gives best value for money.

Nivea creme engages in a non intrusive manner. It’s engagement is via content, it is neither aggressively marketed or  advertised, it acquires & retains customers’ on its attributes.

*This post is written by Mr S.K.Sachdev.


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