Pre & Post Hair and Skin care tips for Holi

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The festival of colors is just around the corner and everybody is ready with their colors, balloons and water guns with an eye of the tiger to pounce upon unsuspecting friends and family. Holi with all its vibrance and energy, can be a big time worry for your skin. But this year, Let’s Expresso along with Lakmé is on a mission to ensure a safe Holi for you and your skin. Here are a few easy hair and skin care tips to do before and after Holi, to ensure safe and problem free skin during the colorful festival.

Hair and Skin care tips for Holi

Pre Holi:

  1. While digging into your closet to find something to wear on Holi, pick something that covers most of your body like a long sleeve t-shirt and full length pajama. Wear a scarf on your head or cover it with a smaller size dupatta or a stole. Why not wear a turban like Alia Bhatt in Highway?
    Look chic and save your hair at the same time!
  2. Apply generous amount of a moisturiser or mustard oil on your entire body to ensure no harm to your skin even during a rough celebration. While keeping the glow of your skin intact, it will also be easy to take the color off later.
  3. To protect your hair from the damage done by chemical colors, Oil them before running out to play Holi.
  4. Apply a sun screen before you step out and protect your skin from those ugly tan lines and harmful UV rays.
  5. Cut your nails short. You will only be accumulating colors and dirt inside.
  6. Do not play Holi while wearing your contact lenses. Sometimes, the color gets into the eye and irritates alot.

Post Holi:

  1. A thorough wash head to toe after the Holi party is essential to remove all the chemical colors, grime and dirt.
  2. Use Lukewarm water and a moisturising soap for gentle care shower. Do not scrub too hard.
  3. Use substantial amounts of moisturiser for at least a week after the Holi party and meet your skin’s lost moisture needs. Recommended: Lakme Peach Milk.
  4. Apply Hair masks & Hair packs to bring in the moisture that the hair lost due to harmful chemicals.

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Keep these simple Skin and Hair care tips for Holi in mind and enjoy the festival in full vigour and spirit. Have a happy and carefree Holi!

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