Gucci Bamboo EDP Review

gucci bamboo review
Gucci Bamboo EDP

The bottle is love at first sight and Gucci creates yet another powerful perfume that lingers with you through the day. From the first spray in the morning till you come back, the perfume goes with you places and yes, people notice it. Check out the Gucci Bamboo EDP Review and hit the buy button.

gucci bamboo edp review
Gucci Bamboo EDP

 Gucci Bamboo EDP Review

The Fragrance

Gucci Bamboo online
Delicate yet sturdy, like you & me.
Gucci Bamboo edp review
Smells like me, fresh, delicate and confident.

The fragrance represents every women who fights for her own rights. The perfume reflects confidence and femininity. It is a concoction of floral and woody elements; intense, gentle and graceful, all at once. You look at the bottle and you know it’s for a woman of character who is multifaceted and on the go. It just smells so exotic and luxurious, like the brand.

The Bottle

The design of the bottle is delicate and sturdy at the same time. What fun! The bottle is a piece of glass in the shape of a diamond with strong lines and transparent liquid inside. It looks so luxe lying on a mantelpiece. Polished silver cap is the Bamboo signature.

Gucci Bamboo bottle
The contours of the bottle…
Gucci Bamboo review
Gift yourself, love yourself.

Gucci Bamboo EDP Price: Rs 8300/- for 75 ml.

Gucci Bamboo EDP Availability: Perfume stores, Multi Brand Outlets, online.

I got it as a birthday gift and I can’t lay my hands off it. Luxury is worth spending on and it’s always a good idea to splurge on your own self once in a while. Search for it online and have it. You won’t regret it. Smelling good is essential and investing in a perfume that stays for the whole day is all the more essential. Gucci Bamboo EDP is a check on all parameters. Have a Gucci-ful day!

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