French Manicure Tips for Nail beauty- DIY at home!

We all love our French Manicured fresh nails and it breaks a heart to see them chipping away. With busy lives and lesser time for parlour errands, try the following tips to give yourself a classic French Manicure easily at home. Here we go with French manicure tips for nail beauty:

– Put a scotch tape on the bottom part of the nail. Paint the part which is above the tape with white nail polish. Remove the tape after painting all the 10 fingers in the similar manner and let it dry. Paint the entire nail with a sheer pink or clear nail paint and aha the French manicured nails are ready.

– Try this simpler method for an instant French mani. Use the white nail polish and paint the tips of your nails. Do this carefully to get an even stroke on the nail tips. Then use a cotton swab to clean up the mistakes. When it dries, paint the entire nail with a sheer colour of your choice.

– Buy a French manicure kit from the market. Sally Hansen is readily available. It has two shades – white and a light shade that is closer to the natural nail. The kit has a self-adhesive guide that is stuck on the nails and then painted upon. This helps in easy painting with precision. The white color is brushed above the painitng guide and left to dry. Then peel off the guide and paint the entire nail with the lighter shade nail color.

– There is another trick too. Take a tape and trim it as per the curve of your fingernail tips. Stick the tape just below the white nail part and then white paint the tips. Let the white color dry. Slowly remove the tape and apply a layer of clear or light color polish on the entire nail.

Try any of these nail beauty tips and get an instant French manicure at home. You can do it easily at home and save the time and effort of visiting a salon. Let’s Expresso! Stay Fashionable, Stay Stylish!

[Last updated: 25 Feb 2015]
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