Forest Essentials Velvet Silk Body Cream Review

Forest Essentials Velvet Silk Body Cream Review
Such prettiness!

A couple of weeks ago I was casually passing by the Forest Essentials store and couldn’t stop myself from going in. Succumbed to my cravings and did some damage to my pocket. Hoping it’ll be all worth it. Forest Essentials is a luxurious Ayurveda brand. It is changing the perception of Ayurveda. It is indulgent, luxurious and beautiful.

Forest Essentials Velvet Silk Body Cream Review
Forest Essentials Velvet Silk Body Cream. Such prettiness!

There are various variants of the Velvet Silk Body Cream available, but for me the Madurai Jasmine & Mogra was love at first whiff. Read on to find what I feel about it.

Forest Essentials Velvet Silk Body Cream Review

  • Packaging

It comes in a big tub with a beautiful golden lid. You can carry it in your luggage, it is travel friendly and doesn’t take much space.

Pamper yourself with the goodness of natural ingredients.
Pamper yourself with the goodness of natural ingredients.

For some, tub packaging can be somewhat inconvenient. Each time you have to dip your fingers into the jar which some of you might not like. But then, I’ve mostly seen body butters and body creams in tub packaging.

  • Texture

As the name suggests, it is a velvety silky cream. I’d say that the texture is perfect for winters, when your skin needs that extra moisturization. It is thick and creamy, and at the same time light. You can slather it up your arms and legs without feeling greasy. The good thing is that it gets absorbed in no time at all. It is mild and gentle on the skin and suitable for all skin types.

Buttery and creamy, this is what mogra dreams look like!


  • Fragrance

The fragrance is the perfect blend of fresh floral notes. If you’re a fan of jasmine and mogra, then this is what you need in life.

The fragrance lingers on and engulfs you. As soon as you open the tub, the room is filled with whimsy mogra fragrance.

  • Ingredients

What works for Forest Essentials is the use of all things natural and organic. The cream packs the goodness of organic ingredients like vitamin E, vitamin A, cocoa butter, glycerin, beeswax etc. and cold pressed oils to give your skin a radiant sheen.

Complete list of ingredients.
  • How it fairs?

The cream is very well moisturizing. Apply a generous amount just after a bath and your skin will feel soft and smooth throughout the day. For dry harsh winters this is a great product. Apply it once and you’re sorted for the day.

If you’re one of those girls who shaves, then this cream can be a great inclusion in your post shaving skincare routine. Your skin drinks it up leaving it supple, and you can say goodbye to itchiness as well.

Price – 1695/- for 200g

The cream is in no way affordable. Forest Essentials is a luxury brand and the prices of all their products are on the higher end.

But once in a while, when you want to splurge this would make a great choice. Invest your money and you’ll not regret it. It’ll be correct to say that Forest Essentials is not just a brand, it is an experience.

Forest Essentials Velvet Silk Body Cream Review
Pure indulgence, Pure happiness!

If you want to pamper and treat yourself or make someone special feel loved, the velvet silk cream can be considered as a gifting option. You can add other products from the same fragrance range to make a complete set as well.

  • What I don’t like

The only two things I don’t like are – the price of course and the fact that I couldn’t use the cream on my face. Maybe I used a larger quantity or maybe it was just my skin, but using this cream on the face is not my thing.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve tried any of the Forest Essentials velvet silk cream or if you’re excited to try this on.

Until then, happy indulgence!!

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