Forest Essentials Roop Nikhar Gulab Ubtan Review

Forest Essentials Roop Nikhar Gulab Ubtan Review

It is rarely a possibility that I go to Forest Essentials and pick only one item. On my last trip I splurged on a heavenly body cream and the much talked about ubtan. The ubtans by Forest Essentials are so popular and I’ve heard many good things about them. There is a wide range available and you can pick one as per your skin type. I got myself the Roop Nikhar Gulab which is suitable for normal to dry skin.

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Forest Essentials Roop Nikhar Gulab Ubtan Review
Take a break from work and indulge in some pampering session.

For those of you who don’t know what an ubtan is, it is a traditional Indian paste that was originally used for the brides-to-be to give them a natural and radiant glow.

Forest Essentials Roop Nikhar Gulab Ubtan Review

  • Texture

Forest Essentials Roop Nikhar Gulab ubtan is soft and mild. It comes in a powder form. The granules are small and fine, and that’s why they are not abrasive for the skin. You just need a few drops of rose water and it’ll become a thick paste. You can use the ubtan with aloe-vera juice, rosewater or raw milk.

Love the soft and light texture.
Love the soft and light texture.

Keep in mind that the paste might not spread as evenly as a cream or a gel mask, but that’s okay. You get the goodness of the ingredients and that’s what matters.

Apply it as a pack. Let it sit for 5 -10 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water; or you can also gently massage it in circular motions and it’ll be a perfect gentle exfoliator. If you have sensitive or acne prone skin, I’d suggest you skip the scrubbing part.

It is mild and gentle. Most clay powder masks rob your skin’s moisture. But this wouldn’t do that. You don’t feel your face as dry as a desert after washing off the ubtan. The expert at the store told me that all the ubtans are mild enough for daily use.

Although it is really mild, but doing a patch test is always safe. You don’t want to be taking any chance with a new product directly on your face.

The expert at the store was kind enough to give me a sample of the popular Light Hydrating Facial Gel in Pure Rosewater Variant.

The gel sample. Its super light and hydrating.
The gel sample. It’s super light and hydrating.

Applying it after the ubtan adds an extra glow. The gel is light and gets absorbed quickly without leaving the skin feeling sticky.

  • Ingredients

Full of goodness of natural ingredients, the Roop Nikhar Gulab ubtan is a jar of happiness. It has rose flower powder, orange peel powder, turmeric, neem leaf powder, saffron flower extract and a lot of other beneficial ingredients.

All things good!
All things good!
  • Fragrance

I am not a big fan of rose fragrance, but I really like this. It isn’t the overpowering and nauseating rose fragrance.

The most dominating fragrance is of course rose. But there is an undertone of a rustic earthy fragrance which balances the sweet floral scent.

The gel though smells of roses. It’s pleasant and not strong. You’d be reminded of the traditional rosewater.

  • Packaging

Forest Essentials always gets brownie points for packaging, and this one is no exception. It comes in a plastic container with a golden lid, signature Forest Essentials style.

Forest Essentials Roop Nikhar Gulab Ubtan Review

PS – It is full to the brim, so be very careful while opening it.

Price – Rs 825/- for 50g

Forest Essentials is a luxurious brand and the prices are on the higher end. But considering the all natural and organic ingredients and the beautiful experience that the brand is known for, you don’t mind spending or rather investing in skincare once a while.

The good thing is that you need a tiny amount of the product, which means that the tub would last for months making it value for money.

  • How it fairs?

The skin does feel soft and supple after a couple of uses. But I am not very sure of the radiant sheen as mentioned on the packaging.

Forest Essentials Roop Nikhar Gulab Ubtan Review
Take some time off and relax with some “Me Time”.

If you’re looking for a new face pack and want to pamper your skin with the goodness of great natural ingredients, then Roop Nikhar Gulab ubtan is a good option. I suggest you use it at night, moisturize your face well and get your beauty sleep. You’ll wake-up with fresher looking skin.

  • What I don’t like?

The price is too much which makes it a bummer. And Forest Essentials, why don’t you ever have a sale???

It would’ve been great if they could have provided a small spoon and a platter to mix the ubtan making it a complete set.

Other than these, there isn’t anything bad about the product. It’s gentle on the skin, non-drying, smells divine, and you get a chance to indulge in some great skin care, quite a lot of pros I say.

You can buy the product online and at the Forest Essentials stores. On Amazon, it’s available here.

If you’ve tried this variant or any other variant of the Forest Essentials ubtan, share your experience. We’d love to hear from you.

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