Women’s Day Special: 5 Easy Tips for Healthy Skin

easy tips for healthy skin
Happy Women’s Day Everyone

You were running through your old photos (reader younger day photos) and thinking about those good old days when something catches your eye. It’s the glow on your face, the charm of being young and that perfect smile that haunts you for the rest of the day. You realise that you cannot turn back time. You also realise that everyday chores leave you with no time for yourself. And then you wish a magical wand would set everything right for you. While that may be tough to happen, we bring to you 5 easy tips for healthy skin to take care of your skin in little time. This Women’s Day, let’s celebrate skin.


easy tips for healthy skin
Happy Women’s Day Everyone



5 Tips for Healthy Skin


1. CTM routine. Make it a morning evening must do. Post your shower, prep the face by using a toner and follow it up with a face serum to moisturise the skin. Seal it with a sunscreen. I rely on the Pond’s Age Miracle Serum and Face & Neck Day cream for anti-ageing benefits and a firmer y-contour area.

2. Apply a Night Cream. The night cream repairs the skin while it’s in relaxed mode. Don’t ignore this. Make it a routine. Keep it by your bed as a reminder. It won’t take more than a minute to apply and massage it into the skin.

3. Apply a face mask while watching TV. While watching your favourite TV soap, apply a face mask. It’ll cool you off and take the stress away from your skin.

4. Pick that tomato while cooking. While chopping vegetables for cooking, pick a slice of tomato or cucumber or lemon and rub across the face. Let it be there for 10 -15 minutes and wash off. It can be done parallel to your cooking so you don’t have to take any extra time out.

5. Smile through the day. Smiling improves the heart rate, reduces stress, improves mood & productivity and reduces pain. Furthermore, its contagious. Smiling has a lot of positive effect on the skin. It’s easy, free and environment friendly. Promise yourself to smile often this Women’s Day.

These easy tips for healthy skin are not only less time consuming but effective too. Having said that, a disciplined routine will yield brighter results. Make this a lifetime routine.

Happy Women’s Day to you.


  1. It’s so true…I have been following strict CTM routine for the past few months n my skin texture has improved considerably…Also, I feel that an under eye cream should be used on a daily basis to reduce undereye puffiness, dark circles and fine lines 🙂

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