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11th May’2014, JW Marriott Mumbai came alive with a spirit in white and colors of sisterhood. A house full of women walked and danced and teamed together to create an enigma of fun, laughter, belonging and excitement. Dove took an attempt to bring together women with their common love for hair and looking beautiful all the time. The day encouraged women to be spirited and fearless and do and experiment anything with their hair.

Dove has always liberated women by inspiring them to experiment with their hair. The new Dove Go Play platform brought real women a true opportunity to discover themselves and enjoy playing around and with their hair. The day immersed women in some very exciting games and many ways to flaunt their beautiful tresses with the help and love of Dove. All in all, it became a day that will echo in all the minds present there for a very long time.

Dove Go Play
Dove Play Date starts…
Dove Go Play
Puzzle Mania being played with lots of excitement.
Dove Go Play
Dove Salon for fantastic makeovers

My experience at the Dove Play Date

The paparazzi began as soon as I entered the venue. The fleet of photographers followed everywhere to make me feel special and like a star of the day. After the registrations, I walked to the main event hall to welcome an evening of alot of fun. With a light introduction to the day, many teams were formed to play games and compete with each other. I was a part of team 8 with some amazing girls. After a session of amazing Zumba, we played Puzzle Mania, Hips don’t Lie, Have a Ball and Hair Play and bonded on the way. All this was followed by a Dove salon session where we were pampered to amazing hair styles as per our choice. Dove really made us play with our hair. Last but not the least, there was a best cocktail competition between teams followed by a sumptuous drinks and dinner and a crystal maze at the end. The day concluded with a lot of bondings and a gift hamper of Hair straightener and Dove shampoo + conditioner + a hair pin. Dove made all of us ready to experiment and love our hair. I’m overwhelmed by the entire Play Date and I have my enough and more reasons to choose Dove over others for Dove understands me as a woman, understands my hair problems and my desire to play with my hair everyday. It makes me ready to take on whatever hair blues I may have and love myself and Be myself.

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