Do’s and Don’ts for party hairstyles by Makeup Blog India

Do’s and Don’ts for party hairstyles

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Festive season is round the corner and marriages are approaching too. The city is going to be in all its hustle and bustle and the sky is going to be glazing in all its hues. We all will be sporting our flashy best and walking like glittering baubles more than often. One aspect of major concern is our hairdo. A nice hairdo can make or break the day. If hair is in its place, everything in life is in its place. Here is a list of some Do’s and Don’ts for party hairstyles by the famous makeover consultant Aashmeen Munjaal.Dos and donts for party makeup

  • Oil you hair a night before or for atleast 2 hours to kill the dryness. Give some hot towel treatment to nourish your hair.
  • For frizzy or dry hair, take an extra care by applying hair packs to tone and tame the hair.
  • Shampoo and condition your hair before going to the salon for a hair do. It saves time and the hair is manageable when already shampooed and dried.
  • Do brush your hair nicely each morning. This helps in removing dust and loose scales. It also helps in stimulating the blood supply.
  • Do tone your hair with a massage on a regular basis. Massaging helps relax the muscles and stimulate the blood supply to the hair root.

Dos and dont's for party hairstyles
 Do not’s

  • Never iron your hair without applying a serum or a heat protective spray.
  • Ensure no oil on your scalp or hair to avoid limping of hair.
  • Don’t take a hairstyle in a haste to look somebody else. Take a hairstyle that suits your face cut, age and dress.
  • Don’t burden your hair with much accessories, keep it less n classy.
  • Don’t make the hairdo too big, keep it simple and chic.
  • For short hair, don’t put too much oil or gel in your hair.

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