Derma Essentia Review: Radiant skin & strong hair

derma essentia review
Happy skin & hair = Super happy ME

I’ll talk about Derma Essentia today, my new find. The brand has skincare & hair care that has concern based ingredients. The science behind their products works at the deeper cellular level and protects the skin against external aggressors, one of the major reason for skin woes. It just doesn’t end there. The products target specific skin concerns and requirements and give what we all want, healthy & beautiful skin & hair. With me?

I’m spoilt for a choice. Derma Essentia has an array of products that lets you shop as per your skin and hair concern. Whatever your area of concern, they have a corresponding product or a kit of products. Your effort is only adding to the cart. Keep reading for all my happy products.

3 Things you should know that are amazing about the brand:

  • Incase you’re not sure of your skin concerns, they have a skin analysis section on their website that helps you discover products as per your skin type and build a personalised routine.
  • There have products as per your concern and skin type, making choosing easier.
  • There are combos that you can buy as complete kits.
derma essentia review
My happy set of skin care & hair care essentials.

Review: Derma Essentia, happy skin & hair care

  1. Trichoedge Anti Hair Fall Essentials Kit
Trichoedge Anti Hair Fall Essentials Kit review
Hair Fall kit
derma essentia review
You get a nice pouch on a combo or a set of products. How cool!

I’ll talk about my favourite hair care first. I’m a victim of hair fall like anybody’s business. It breaks my heart to see my strands breaking away from me. I’m always on the lookout for products that can help reduce hair fall and give softness to my hair at the same time. Trichoedge Anti Hair Fall Essentials kit helps a great deal here.

The kit is a genie in 3 bottles. It has 3 full sized products: Hair Serum (50ml) , Hair Revitalizing Shampoo (100ml) and Hair Nourishing Conditioner (100ml). The shampoo- conditioner duo is gentle to use and leaves the hair clean and soft. Regular use reduces hair fall and strengthens hair. The shampoo has the goodness of Phytoextracts & caffeine while the conditioner is enriched with shea butter. It’s a superb combination.

The advanced hair serum is for all hair types and genders. It revitalises & nourishes hair & scalp and helps in limiting hair loss and ensuring fuller hair.
I’d say, try the combo and see the results for yourself. Rs 1675 for the combo.

2. Acne Prone Skin Essentials : Morning routine

derma essentia review
My happy am routine.

Pay extra attention to this section. I’ll talk about 4 products that sum up my morning skincare routine. These are oily skin care essentials and I highly recommend them if you have oily skin, acne issues or both. All these products go in my CTM routine and I’m impressed with the results. The 4 easy steps of cleansing, toning, moisturising & protecting refine & tighten the pores for a flawless glowing skin.

Oil-Free Foaming Face Wash for Acne-Prone /Oily Skin: With Salicylic acid and an excellent blend of skincare ingredients, this face wash removes excess oil, dead skin cells and dirt. I use an ample amount for morning freshness. The face wash clears clogged skin pores, works its magic and leaves the skin supple and refreshing. Rs 425 for 70 ml.

Witch Hazel Pore Tightening Toner for Pore Refining: A toner is a must for me. With oily skin that can break out easily, a toner helps me deep clean and tighten my skin. Derma Essential Witch Hazel Pore Tightening Toner has the perfect astringent effect. It refines & tightens my pores, removes the dead surface skin for clear & glowing skin. It’s alcohol free and makes my skin look fresh, toned and alive. Rs 545 for 200 ml.

Mattifying moisturizer for oily/acne prone skin: This oil free moisturiser regulates excess sebum on skin and gives a matt effect. I hate moisturisers that make my skin look oily. They are a big no no for me. This moisturiser maintains proper hydration and limits shininess which is what I always want. It hydrates yet doesn’t leave an oily feel. Go ahead and feel it for yourself. Rs 450 for 50g.

Mineral Gel-based Sunscreen with SPF 50: This final step in my morning routine is the most important. I do not leave home without a sunscreen. In fact, a sunscreen is a must whether I am inside or outside home. Derma Essentia Mineral Gel-based Sunscreen with SPF 50 gives a superior broad spectrum against UVA/UVB rays. It’s for all skin types though. Please note: It has a dry touch effect, gives a non greasy, easy to spread feel and is ultra light. It’s good to go for sensitive and intolerant skin too. Rs 750 for 50 g.

3. Hydration bundle: Night routine

derma essentia review
My happy pm routine.

As much as I care for my morning routine, my evening routine is a daily essential too. The combination of skin care essentials help me achieve that healthy-looking, radiant and hydrated skin. My night care routine contains a cleansing lotion, Vitamin C serum, a skin brightening cream, and an under eye cream gel.

Cleansing Lotion: Derma Essentia Cleansing Lotion is for normal to sensitive skin. I use it because it helps to calm my stressed skin that withstands dirt, pollution and mental stress throughout the day. It provides deep hydration and works on all types of skin. It is mild, soap free and non-irritating. I feel that it soothes my skin as it cleanses. A soap free product is what I need at the end of the day and this is just that. Rs 275 for 125 g.

Vitamin C serum 7 %: I love Vitamin C serums. This one is for all skin types. It is a light formula that rejuvenates the skin in a comfortable manner. It is non-irritating with superb efficacy. It’s very good for beginners and also for people with sensitive skin. Why do I use it? Because it reduces signs of ageing and improves my overall skin texture. Rs 950 for 15ml.

Skin Brightening Cream: This cream for all skin types works on my skin while I sleep. It penetrates into deep skin layers, hydrates, reduces dullness & age spots and improves my skin tone. It gently polishes my skin for a glow that’s a charm to have. If you suffer from dark spots & pigmentation, go for it. Rs 725 for 30 g.

Under Eye Cream Gel: Let’s talk about dark circles now. My eyes are very tired by night due to long screen exposures. I pump out some gel on my finger tips and massage around my eyes in circular motions for utmost relaxation. This is my final step before I read or just go off to sleep. Derma Essentia Under Eye Cream Gel is good for all skin types. It helps in reducing dark circles, fine lines and puffiness around the eye area. It further helps to repair skin damage and what you get are hydrated, firm and refreshed eyes. Rs 525 for 20g.

You can buy all the products on the brand’s website here.

This is it from my side for now. Hope you liked the review! I am all sorted with my am & pm routine.

It’s always nice to try and experience new brands first hand. Thank you Derma Essentia for sending the products!

P.S: I chose all the products as per skin type and concerns. The opinions are mine and I’ve truly liked the products. Once again, kudos to the entire team of Derma Essentia for coming out with a varied range of products that care and effectively work at the same time.

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