Gorgeous lips: Deborah Milano Lipstick review

Deborah Milano lipstick review

You would have read my Deborah Milano Gel Effect Nail Polish review by now. And today it’s turn for their lipsticks to go under scrutiny. The brand has sent three lively shades- Pink Coral (31), Nude Lingeria (17) and Pink Baby Doll (06) to review. I am happy to present my findings. And I am happier to present my companion Honor 5X that gives me pictures with ease and clarity. The pink of my lipstick comes to the point, neither a shade lighter not darker. Have a look at Deborah Milano lipstick review below.


Deborah Milano Lipstick review



Deborah Milano lipstick review


Deborah Milano lipstick review

Deborah Milano lipstick review



The packaging is a golden case which takes back to the good old days. But that’s the charm. It looks nice and somewhere classy lying on your mantle piece in- between the new packagings of other brands. The golden case has an old reference to it which somewhere makes it familiar and dependable.


These are lipsticks with a nice fragrance. You would want to sniff your piece before applying it.


The lipsticks are with SPF 15 and care for your lips with love.


Rs 695/- each


Easily available online. Just search for it and you can find various options and deals along.


Deborah Milano lipstick review
L-R: Nude Lingeria (17), Pink Baby Doll (06), Pink Coral (31)


Deborah Milano lipstick review


Deborah Milano lipstick review



These are matte lipsticks with many other shades to choose from apart from the ones sent to me. They are good for Indian skin tones and the variety offered is good enough to find you your shade.

Pink Coral (31) is a dark pink closer to being red. Nude Lingeria (17) is true to its name. I just love the shade for a summery afternoon or that hint of color on your lips. Pink Baby Doll (06) is the medium pink that I always love to carry.

Exude alluring looks with these lipsticks. Sport rich and striking shades for maximum appeal. Envelope your lips in color and fun and get back to life. Tell your problems to stay away and sometimes colored and bold lips help.

Honor 5X, thanks once again for being my partner everywhere. You make my life easier and faster.

Are you giving Deborah Milano lipsticks a try?

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