Deborah Milano Gel effect Nail Paints: Go Bold or Go Home

Deborah Milano Gel effect Nail Paint review

You gotta go bold in a city like Delhi. From working your a** off to getting things your way, it takes a hell lot of mind over matter. The way we girls come across is nothing short of a rocket on fire. The ‘don’t mess with me’ look is enough to sway away alot of predators and the choice of our lipsticks and nail paints is another indication of what we think. Here’s presenting three bold colours by Deborah Milano Gel effect nail paints that let your fingers do the talking.

Sometime back, I had reviewed Deborah Milano’s Gel effect Nail Paints in shades of pink. The colours had such pretty sheen and hassle free application that I could get manicured nails sitting at home. Taking the experience ahead is today’s review of three bold & beautiful colours by the same brand. Sporty Yellow, Provocative green and attractive violet will sway you away. Keep reading….


Deborah Milano's Gel effect Nail Paints review
Sporty Yellow, Provocative Green and Attractive Violet.


honor 8 review
The shades stand out against any backdrop.


Deborah Milano's Gel effect Nail Paints review
They look just perfect standing at any corner.


  • The colours are the first reason to buy. Yellow, green and violet, it just gets crazy from here.
  • These Gel Effect enamels ensure a manicure that’s easy to achieve. Create flawless nails sitting at home.
  • The application brush is extra wide and gives more coverage per swipe. Get a shiny effect and a smooth ‘gel like’ finish.
  • Ultra glossy results doesn’t harm anyone…
  • Sporty Yellow is like a contrast to everyday mundane routine. A look at the nails and life gets back into you.
  • Provocative green stays true to its name. The colour talks to you! Wear it with your denims and a white shirt and see the madness.
  • Attractive violet will attract a lot of eyes to your hands. The way the colour peeps through your sandals is another high.
  • At a wooping price of Rs 395/- for a bottle, you can get these colours easily online. Some sites are offering discounts too so don’t forget to compare pricing on a couple of sites.

GO bold with this colours and shed away the invisible cloaks of shyness or insecurity that you build within yourself. Life is fun if you make it so. These colours further help! I won’t give you more reasons like packaging, texture, blah blah because they are not required. Buy these nail paints for the colours they offer. This reason is good enough. See the fun once you wear them.

*PR sample sent by brand.

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