3 Best Wedding gifts for friends

Best wedding gifts for friends

Wedding gifts for friends becomes a tricky affair. You just don’t know what to gift! The confusion further increases as we have a friend from every walk of life. Some are from school, some from college, some from work, some from neighbours and some out of nowhere. And then there is a gender bifurcation aswell. The confusion only increases and giving a money envelope is the last thing to do, I mean there has to be a life in the gift, a remembrance, a usefulness. So, after applying my mind and experience, here is a list of 3 best wedding gifts for friends.

1. Makeup Box: A woman loves her makeup, period! Lure her, love her, care for her by giving her a box full of colours and options. Whether a girl or a boy pal of yours is getting married, this wedding gift will work for both. Incase of a boy pal being married, whisper in his ears that this gift will make his girl love him more :). Recently, I was sent the Maybelline InstaGlam Box wedding edition for review. O man, what a concept! The box is a vanity case with all the makeup essential stocked together.

Best wedding gifts for friends
Maybelline InstaGlam Box Wedding Edition

The box contains:

  • 1 Colossal Kajal, Rs 175/-
  • 1 Diamond Glow Eye Shadow, Rs 485/-
  • 1 Color Show Nail color, Rs 75/-
  • 1 Color sensational lip polish, Rs 450/-
  • 1 Color show liner, Rs 325/-
  • 1 Cheeky Glow, Rs 250/-
  • 1 Volume Express Hyper Curl Mascara, Rs 250/-
  • The total cost of the box is Rs 2010/- and it’s available at a special price of Rs 1499/- . It has all the color makeup a girl can need. The packaging of the box is attractive and all the products are nicely stacked inside. The box is available online on all major e-portals. It is a perfect travel kit too. Put them in your travel pouch and you don’t have to worry about your color cosmetics. This is a brilliant wedding gift idea and will look so stylish and thoughtful. And the look on your friend’s face when she’ll open it…aha priceless.

2. Personalised couple Mugs: If you have a picture of the couple or individual shots, then go ahead and get them printed on coffee Mugs. Ensure the mugs are huge like the size of an extra large cappuccino. If the pictures are not there, go ahead and get a romantic message printed. Your friend will thank you every morning while sipping his/her coffee. This is a very thoughtful gift.

3. Personalised Pillow cases: Let them sleep in love. Get 2 cute pillow cases and get a very very very romantic or a very very very naughty message printed on it. This is similar to giving a personalised mug, but the fun with a pillow case doubles up. You will surely bring a smile on the couple’s faces after a hectic day. And whenever the couple will pillow fight, you will surely get a sneezing pang :p.

Hope you all have loved and agreed with these ideas. Let me know what you think about them. And if use them for your friend’s wedding next time, do drop a message in the comments below.



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