6 Benefits of using organic beauty products

Organic skin care

Remember the times when our grand mom’s used to lay stress on using natural beauty products – fruit and flower extracts, milk, honey etc.  Even today it is recommended that one must use organic beauty products. Being a beauty blogger I always try and experiment with all kinds of skincare products and cosmetics and today I shall be talking about the benefits of going Organic.

Let me explain with an example. A large number of girls and ladies use kajal or kohl every day. On one hand is the organic and natural kohl while on the other is the long stay, smudge free kajal. When talking about convenience, the second category wins, but when talking about beauty benefits, the first category wins hands down.

There are many advantages of using organic skin care products. And just in case you are thinking that they are less fashionable or have a less choice in terms of colors, categories or fragrances, then you need to think again. Organic skin care has become the latest trend in the beauty and make up world. More and more people are adopting this change. If you are also thinking of making this great change a part of your life, then here are some of the benefits of using organic beauty products.

  • Fresher ingredients

Organic means that it is derived from plants, fruits or vegetables. Whenever you use an organic product, it would have a higher concentration of nutrients including minerals, vitamins and other natural substances that work wonders for your skin.

  • Highly effective

Experts believe that organic beauty products are more effective than their chemical counterparts. Since the ingredients used are pure, they have a beneficial effect on the skin.

  • Gentle on skin

If you have sensitive skin, then you know the ordeal of using chemical laced products. They are harsh on your skin and sometimes can cause toxic reactions as well. But when you opt for organic skin care, you bid good bye to all these hassles. They are very mild and gentle on your skin. Therefore allergies, reactions and toxicity become a thing of the past when using organic beauty products.

  • Natural Fragrances

One of the best parts of choosing organic skin care products is their naturally soothing and mild fragrance.

  • No side effects

The preservatives and chemicals used in cosmetics to increase their shelf life can have harmful effects on your skin. But when you use organic products the risks of side effects decrease exponentially. There is a chance that your skin might be allergic to some natural products and extracts. Therefore it is highly recommended that one must do a patch test before using a cosmetic product.

  • Give you a healthy and happy skin

Skin care does not mean using an array of expensive products. Considering the holistic approach, organic substitutes are preferred over the traditional beauty and skin care products. By giving your skin the much needed rejuvenation and nourishment, these natural products have become a huge hit.

Sunscreens, lotions, face wash, soap, kohl….name it and you can find all these categories in organic beauty products as well. So the choice is yours, a long lasting radiant glow courtesy organic products or temporary results from traditional makeup and beauty products.

Organic beauty products
The colored kohls and Lipcare by Soultree.

If you are looking for organic skincare and colour cosmetics, do check out the brand Soultree. Available online at all the leading e-commerce sites, the products are made by using natural oils and herbs grown organically. The products are carefully made without artificial colours or fragrances. I have been using the colored kohls and colour rich lipsticks and they do complete justice to being organic color cosmetics. The kohl may take a stroke or two to give the perfect hue but the fact that it’s organic and the color pigment will not be as strong as in case of chemical cosmetics justifies the extra effort. My recent picks are the colour kohl, shade 001 Fern Green and Deep Blush lipstick in shade 820. It takes 2-3 strokes of the colored kohl to get the apt color but it’s worth the effort. The lipstick is a clean swipe. Do check the brand online and take a round of the entire skincare, hair care and color cosmetics range.

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  1. I always try to use natural and herbal products. The oil that goes in my hair is organic and the face packs that go on skin are organic aswell. Yes, when it comes to colour cosmetics I have to use the popular brands in the market as they are easily available and fall into budget. The problem with organic beauty brands is the fact that they are either expensive or not readily available. Well, thanks for letting me know the brand Soultree and its easy availability online. I shall surely try the products and they look to be fitting into budget too.

  2. I have known for so long that soultree makes nice kajal but I have never given them a try. I mostly go for Maybelline or Lakme. But I love to try organic products. Thankx for the review.

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