Review: Pond’s BB Cream & Benefits of using a BB cream

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Beauty BlogSelfie is the buzzword for the current generation. It starts with a smartphone being tilted at an angle with a light source of a window or a flash…and a wide smile with a click sound. But sometimes the picture gets ruined due to a pimple scar, acne mark or dullness on the face. With Pond’s white beauty BB+ Foundation and fairness cream, you can be selfie ready in a jiffy and get the best picture of yours out for Facebook or What’s app.

A closer take on Pond’s BB+ Cream:

  • The cream has Dual benefits of coverage of spots + lightening skin within to reveal a natural look.
  • Available at Rs75 for 9 gm, Rs140 for 18gm and Rs325 for 50 gm.
  • Powered with SPF 30 PA++, the cream is specially designed for Indian skin.
  • Benefits of using the cream: Instant natural glow on the outside + Lightens the skin and spots + evens skin tone + SPF 30 for sun protection.
  • The cream is light and non-oily and doesn’t clog pores.
  • Helps reveal your perfect natural look.
  • The All in one BB+ Fairness cream gives a natural cover to the entire face.

Benefits of using a BB cream:

  • A BB cream is an all in 1 product and saves you from using multiple products at one go.
  • It is a cream with the goodness of foundation, Sunscreen and skin tone corrector.
  • In this fast and hectic lifestyle, a BB cream comes as an easy product to get you ready in no time.
  • Just apply it evenly all over the face and neck area and blend till it gives a natural look.
  • Easy to carry and saves you from the hassle of carrying 4 different products. Just carry the BB cream and get ready anywhere, anytime.

BB cream is my go to beauty solution to get an even skin tone. Do not expect it to make you flawless 100% but the cream will work very good to hide and conceal spots, acne marks and give a clean and even feel to the entire face. So be selfie ready in no time!

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