Beauty trends for Fall winter. Let’s Color!

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I am writing about the beauty trends that are running around for Fall winter. I can finally feel the chill, so it’s time to add brightness to our lives. Fashion and beauty are cyclical and these beauty and makeup trends are re-appearing. These are spectacular beauty tips for women too. Apply them and see the bright winter sun.

Let the eye do the talking: Go sharp! Let your eyeliner take its way to create sharp, smudgy, geometric, sultry or winged looks. Get the black eyeliner in pencil, gel or liquid and create these looks easily. Eyes have to be the focus. But remember to keep the rest of the face simple.

Shine your eyes: Wear jewel-toned eyeshadows to spark your face. Experiment with dual tones in green and blue, glitter and winged shapes. But yes, compliment with subdued lips. Shiny eyes and neutral complexions are the hottest beauty trend pair this winter.

Paint your nails: Nails find their expression in colours, prints and art. Electrifying blue, black and burgundy tips and sparkling printed nails have stormed the world fashion. The most popular beauty trend is a different motif on each nail. You can also choose solid bright colours like green or red or blue or experiment with design and prints. Add some fun and brightness to your fingers.

Bangs and hair accessories. These two beauty trends have found a prominent expression this season. Jewelled hairbands, grips and barrettes are making a mark. Hair accessories are adorning buns, ponytails and all hairdos. Go long or short with your bangs. Or sweep it back with pretty hairpins and jewelled hairbands.

These beauty trends are running across and creating sensational looks for women for winters. These are easy beauty tips for women and can be done at home convenience. I am a big fan of hair accessories and all I need is a side bang hair cut and I’ll surely get it this week. Let’s all Expresso these winter beauty trends and style the chill around.



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