Oxyglow Product Review


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Oxyglow Product Review

Hey friends. Today I’m super excited about these Oxyglow beauty product reviews for Oxyglow skin care products. These natural beauty care products are a total delight. The hamper is full of mouth watering goodies and here I review them one by one.Oxyglow Product Review

  • OxyGlow FaceWash Neem & Tulsi: A boon for dehydrated skin, this face wash is enriched with the herbal properties of Tulsi & Neem. The face wash removes dirt and grime while maintaining the ph balance of the skin which leads to a clean and radiant complexion. Quantity: 100ml, Price: Rs 115/-.
  • Oxyglow cucumber skin toner: Available in a spray form, the toner is easy to use. After cleansing your face, just spray the toner on your face and dab it with cotton for a fresh feel. Follow it with a moisturising lotion for a shiny and healthy skin. The cucumber toner restores the natural ph balance of the skin and tightens open pores. It can be used on any skin type and battles irritation and greasiness on the skin. Quantity: 100 ml, Price Rs 115/-. Natural beauty cosmetics always have an edge for curing skin uneasiness.
  • Oxyglow Apricot & Jojoba Facial Scrub. I can almost eat it. The fragrance is an addiction. This natural beauty cosmetic is rich in fruit extracts and vitamins that thoroughly clean skin pores while exfoliating blackheads and dead skin. It leaves the skin radiant and youthful. Dot the face with the scrub and massage gently for 3-4 minutes. Rinse with running water and pat dry for a clean skin. Quantity: 100g, Price: Rs 115/-
  • Oxyglow Moisturising Body Lotion for All skin types. Apply daily for a pampered & hydrated skin. The rich butter reduces ageing and the apple and pineapple extracts relax the muscle and smooth the skin appearance. My personal tip: Foot massage the lotion every night before sleeping for a fresh and bright feet. This is a must do for me every night for a relaxed and fragrant sleep. Quantity: 200ml, Price: Rs 150/-
  • Oxyglow Papaya Facial Kit: This all in one facial kit is super exciting. With inclusion of skin serum, this kit with natural beauty care products is a one stop solution for home facial. I mostly do the facial myself, for I am always hard pressed on time. This kit is so easy to use at home and is great for tanned and pigmented skin. It has Papaya cleansing milk, scrubbing pack, Papaya massage cream, Papaya face pack, moisturiser and smooth shine skin serum. All products in one kit make it so convenient and one can get a full facial pampering sitting at home. Price: Rs 695/- for the whole kit.

My beauty regime also includes fruits and vegetables for improving the skin from within. I try to be as hygienic as possible and do not use products post their expiry date. Hope you all are careful about this too. Be careful about the parlour hygiene too. Ensure clean and healthy working conditions in your parlour and stress on using clean products and vessels. Here’s wishing all of you a happy skin. Keep expressing on Let’s Expresso. Hope you like these Oxyglow beauty product reviews.

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