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Beauty Product reviews

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Let’s Expresso Indian Beauty Blogger: Sometimes you just want to pamper yourself sitting at home. With so little time for salon round ups and running in between work and home, all you need is an easy pampering session with little time consumption and more relaxation. So, here are my 3 finds to get a glow sitting at home.

Beauty Product Reviews:

1. AuraVedic Pulpy Face Wash: Enriched with Neem and Tusli extracts, Teatree Oil, Sandalwood Oil and Omega-9 fatty acid, the pulpy face wash is a perfect treat for a tired face. It fights acne and disolves dirt and impurities without irritating or over drying the skin. The beautiful Cinammon fragrance leaves the skin clear and smooth. Priced at Rs 150/- for 50 gms, the face wash comes in a nice easy to carry round container.

Directions to apply: Take a small amount and gently massage over moist skin in circular motion. Continue for one minute and then rinse off thoroughly with warm water. Incase of eye contact, immediately rinse with water.

2. AuraVedic Skin Lightening Mask: Beauty Product reviewsMade with 100% Pure Natural plant extracts, the gentle mask deeply penetrates the skin and clarifies dark spots and lightens the complexion. Powered with the most effective antiseptics Sandal, Saffron and Turmeric, the mask leaves a glowing and radiant skin. Priced at Rs 200 for 50 gms, the mask is easy to use and apply.

Directions to apply: Thoroughly clean the face before applying the mask. Leave on the mask for 15-20 minutes and gently wash with water. Pat dry.

3. Auravedic Foot Scrub: Beauty Product reviewsTime for some sole therapy! A complete detoxifying and Revitalising experience. The soothing properties of Eucalyptus, Lemongrass and peppermint work wonders on tired feet. Priced at Rs 200 for 50 gms, the natural ingredients and nourishing oils gently exfoliate and soften the hard skin.

Directions to apply: Easy to use and apply. Gently Massage over tired feet or while bathing and wash off with water.

Caution: Test a small amount of all skin products on forearm minimum 24 hours prior to use.

AuraVedic products are easily available on numerous e-commerce sites like, and various other famous portals.
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