Review: Maybelline Colossal Kajal upto 12 Hours

KajalWelcome to another blogpost by Indian Makeup Blog.
Maybelline Colossal Kajal is one of my favourites. I have tried many brands but the power of Maybelline Kajal is unmatched. Here is my rendezvous with the Kajal and it takes immense pleasure to review one of my favourite products.
Beauty Fact File:
  • The Colossal Kajal gives a deep, smudge free and intense glide that lasts upto 12 hours, straight away double of the previous Kajal with 6 hours stay.
  • The Kajal is water proof and takes a while to remove while washing face.
  • The best is to remove with a toner or an eye makeup remover.
  • The kajal will never leave you so embrace it to work, party or an evening out.
  • Priced at Rs 175/-, the Colossal Kajal has a long shelf life. The texture and the boldness helps in creating various looks. You can try from a  simple glide to a bohemian curve. The Kajal makes it so easy to create different looks and styles.
  • The unique tip gives a smooth line and is enriched with Vitamin E and olive oil Esters.
  • Suitable for contact lens wearers.
  • Add a bold stroke on the lower and upper lids for dramatic eyes.
  • No need to carry the Kajal for touch ups and enjoy the powerful stay.

Style Tips:

  • Add a dash of colour to your eyes and brighten up your face.
  • Apply another color over the kajal on the upper lid to add some shine and dazzle. Match it with your outfit color. For example, with a green outfit, outline the kajal with a liquid green eyeliner.
  • Create a smoky look by thickly gliding the kajal over the upper eyelid.
  • Use the kajal to make beautiful bindi motifs. Create a dash, zigzag or an exclamation mark on your forehead.

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