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The Secret to Happy Skin by Lakme

Your smile reflects the state of your mind along with the state of your skin. Follow the simple skin care routine for a happy glowing skin. Time to flaunt your smile with these Beauty Expert Tips.

Cleanse Daily

With rising pollution and stress, keeping the skin spotless is quite a task. Also, the skin may lose moisture with extensive cleansing. Therefore, keeping the skin clean and moisturised at the same time is important. Choose a cleanser that wipes the impurities and also replenishes the skin with required moisture at the same time. Choose the cleanser wisely.

Moisturize regularly

Treat your face with enough day cream or a moisturiser to maintain its suppleness. Wipe out the sulking expression with a good moisturiser. Day creams contain antioxidants that rehydrate the skin throughout the day. Day creams also work as a primer before applying makeup to get an even skintone. Lakme Youth Infinity Skin Firming Day Cream with SPF 15 PA++ protects the skin from harmful UVA/UVB, improves elasticity to tighten skin and brightens the skin tone to give the perfect sculpted look.

Protection against UV rays

Make sunscreen your best friend. Any season, do not forget the sunscreen. It gives protection from sun’s harmful rays and saves against tanning. Also, a good lifestyle and healthy state of mind contributes to a smiling skin.

Some Interesting Day Cream Myths Busted

Myths about day creams and their powerful rebuttal:

Myth 1:

If you use night cream, then you do not need day cream.

Day cream and night creams have different effects and this makes both important. Day cream saves from harmful UV rays, free radicals and all kinds of harmful pollutants. You can avoid day cream if you are at home all day and depending upon the condition of your skin, you may not use it.

Myth 2:

Oily skin does not need day cream.

This misconception is wrong too. Oily skin needs protection against harmful environment effects like any other skin type. Oily skin needs moisturising too. For oily skin, choose a day cream which hydrates and protects from sun. A well selected day cream can make even oily skin look fabulous.

Myth 3:

The more expensive the day cream, the better its quality

All the day creams have pretty much the same ingredients. You can yourself check the same by going through the ingredient list on the packaging. The difference in pricing is due to the fact that there are more additives like vitamins and other natural ingredients in expensive creams.



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