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AXE Signature Body Perfumes

AXE, known for celebrating the signature scents for a man recently launched The AXE Signature Body Perfumes. This definitive collection is perfect for all occasions and features four invigorating fragrances to bring alive the masculine scents with a blend of sweet woods and oriental spices. AXE has been inspiring men to have a mark and impress women throughout the world. The new signature collection enables men to make a long lasting impression on the go. Innovative and classic, the perfume bottles take the form of a decanter to pack a powerful punch and get its wearer impressionable and noticed.

Available in 4 zesty variants – Intense, Suave, Rogue and Mysterious, each of these fragrances are a love at first sniff. The combination of warm, sensual and sophisticated aromas personify the true scent of a man. The scents are great for a broad variety of casual activities. The new AXE Signature Body Perfumes will surely become your signature scents.

Price: Rs 225/- for 122 ml can.

Kaya Insta Brightening Micro-MaskBeauty blog

Known for pioneering products in skin care, Kaya launches the new Insta-Brightening Micro Mask, a completely light, natural and silky rinse-off mask. The mask can be applied at home. With the unique MicropatchTM technology, the mask is a non-irritant botanical extract product. The extracts of mulberry, grape and strawberry work on the skin by exfoliating and reducing its melanin production. The MicropatchTM technology releases the whitening active into the skin even after the Insta Brightening mask has been removed. The Mask increases the luminosity of the skin and reduces dullness and redness.

The Mask is an easy to use product and forms a silky, transparent film on the skin. It is non-messy and easy to wash. Ideal application is every alternate day for best results.

Priced: Rs 1800/- for a 15 ml pack. Available across all Kaya Skin Clinics in India.

* There are pocket friendly sizes for some products too. I have been sent the Soothing Cleansing Gel, Revitalising Tonic (Toner) and the Daily Use Sunscreen in 25 ml quantities by Kaya. They surely fit my travel pouch.

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