5 Secrets for flawless, glowing skin

Listen girls: flawless, radiant skin is achievable—I’ll spill here *exactly* how to easily get your glow on. 

From homemade concoctions to dermatologically-approved formulas, we get a million answers for ‘glowing skin’. Is there any one sure shot way to achieve that ‘magical glow from within’? Perhaps not. There is never ‘a one shoe size fits all’ kind of formula as we all possess different skin textures, types and struggles. With a multitude of skin ailments to different stress reasons, every person’s struggle for glowing skin is different.

That being said, the best bet to achieve glowing and radiant skin is through consistent skincare. Don’t miss the word ‘consistent’. Add to it the application of products as per your skin’s need. I’ll further add to this domain by spilling 5 secrets to glowing skin. Take notes.

5 Secrets for flawless, glowing skin

From a basic 3-step routine to holy grail skincare ingredients, here is all you need to know for a flawless, glowing skin.

  1. Make a harmony between skincare and a healthy lifestyle
    Any amount of skincare products cannot work unless you support your routine with a healthy lifestyle. Make sure to eat healthily and staying away from sugar, junk food and refined flour. Ensure that you drink at least 2 litres of water everyday. Do not smoke and drink alcohol in limited quantities.

  2. Exercise, walk, workout and meditation
    Having an active lifestyle is needed more than anything else in today’s digital age. Long working hours behind a laptop, sedentary lifestyle, Netflix & chilling et al is leading to lifestyle related ailments starting from back pains to eyesight weakening to skincare woes. Long hours in AC leads to excessive skin drying. There is too much happening around and stress levels are at an all time high. The best way to keep sanity is through working out. Whether you want to walk, hit the gym, have your own routine- the choice is yours. Just have a routine that has some portion of working out embedded in it.

    Some quick hacks for working out:
    – Walk while you take your calls.
    – Take stairs instead of an elevator for upto 2 floors for sure.
    – Count your daily steps via your phone or smart watch. This helps to keep a track of your steps and motivate to walk more to do your daily goal.
    – Walk on the spot while watching TV. I do this a lot.

  3. Have a sustainable skincare routine
    ‘Sustainable’ is the key word. Don’t fall for routines you can’t keep up to. If you’re a working professional, have a morning routine that’s quick, comprises of 2-3 products and you’re good to go. If you’re a mum, look for routines that can go with your hectic lifestyle. Don’t fall for extensive skincare routines because let’s be honest, they don’t work for everyone.
    My skincare routine has three products in am: a toner, followed by a serum and topped up with sunscreen. PM is about 2 products: a skin specific lotion and a moisturiser. I can’t give more than 2-3 minutes to my routine. That’s me. So my skincare routine is as per my temperament and sustainable.

  4. Make sunscreen a holy grail in your skincare regime
    Yes, yes, yes! Do not leave your home without a sunscreen which is SPF 30 and above. Even if you’re at home, applying sunscreen every morning is a must. Reapply every 3-4 hours. Sunscreen is your only protection against the harsh sun rays. Be kind to yourself and make this a ‘must apply’ part of your daily routine.

  5. Sleep adequately and let your body work naturally
    Sleep like a baby and ensure you have a 7-8 hour of daily sleep. Sleeping is the time when our body rests & repairs. The organ rebuilds its collagen during sleep and the body repairs damage from UV exposure. Sleep has adequate benefits for health and skin so do not take it lightly.

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Your skin’s health is in your hands. Adjust your lifestyle and most of your problems will be sorted. These are tried and tested tips and vouched by dermatologists too.

Make the most of these secrets for flawless, glowing skin. I’ll be back with more secrets soon.

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