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Jafra Ruchi cosmetics

It’s been a day to the Jafra India’s- Mega Pamper Party for bloggers and I am still resonating the pampering and the 100% Me Time at the party. A concept seldom seen, the Jafra pamper party is a strong takeaway from the brand and highlights the intention and love that the brand has for it’s customers. It’s an extension of the love and respect for women that the brand shouts out loud. I had an experience of utmost care and relaxation and the 1.5 hours spent at the pampering party made me a slave to Jafra cosmetics for years to come. Here are my 5 reasons to use Jafra cosmetics:

  1. Company’s motto: Fun+ Freedom+ Flexibility+ Friends. The company stands for good times. It stands for fun with yourself and with your friends. Prosper along, don’t leave anyone behind.
  2. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. The company and the products trust themselves. This gives power to the customer to believe in Jafra products.
  3. Pamper parties. I’ll talk about my pamper party. Thanks to Jafra, I indulged in my own DIY spa at the party. It was a fun and relaxing half hour. From dipping my feet in sea salt water to scrubbing and moisturising, it was my time, my way. This was followed by a mud pack on the face and cucumber on the eyes. I was at another level altogether. This is what a Jafra pampering party is all about. It is taking out time for your own self and forgetting your worries and enjoying with friends and family alike. Be at one to live my experience.
  4. Selling on trust and word of mouth. There is no retail or advertisement done by the company. The products are sold through direct sales agents and the market is expanded on the basis of trust and the word of mouth done by customers.
  5. Live the Jafra Lifestyle. Live ‘The Power to Transform Lives’ with the company. The company has a generous compensation program and is one of the top in direct sales industry. There is abundant earning, travel, bonuses, recognition and rewards to associate. Explore unlimited growth and personal development.

I came back with a beautiful Jafra hamper of goodies. My goody bag has the following, Pl don’t get envy 🙂 :

  • Jafra spa Ginger and Seaweed Body Massage Cream & Shower gel. Aah, what do I say about the products? Relax yourself and restore your inner peace with these spa at home products. Use the shower gel on body or feet and let it work. Follow up with the Body massage cream and just transport to another world with the aromatic fragrance. And don’t forget to light up a candle and play on some soothing music while doing a DIY foot spa at home.
  • Jafra spa Body Talcs: I beathe, I love, I Live, I dream & Today, I decided, is going to be different. Well these are the names of the 2 talcs. So depending whether u decide to breathe, live and dream or you decide that it’s going to be different today, pick your fragrance. Choose between soothing jasmine and vanilla for the former and being with a rich base of sandalwood for the later. Price Rs 140/- for 100gms.
  • Jafra spa Perfumes: I beathe, I love, I Live, I dream & Today, I decided, is going to be different. Like the talcs, these perfumes have the same calming fragrances and same charming effect. Use the duo talc and perfume combo for maximum enchanting effect. Compliment the talc with the fragrance and spread your fire wherever you go.

Jafra is operating in India in collaboration with Ruchi cosmetics. For more info visit their site at jafra.net.in.

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