5 Almond oil benefits for your beauty and health.

The age old almond oil and it’s therapeutic properties are known since we reckon. The nature’s wonder nut makes skin and hair WOW from within. The oil replenishes the skin’s lost moisture, works wonder on the hair and strengthens the body from within. Almond oil benefits every age and works for both external and internal well being.

Here are 5 Almond Oil benefits.

1. Almond oil for skin : Almond oil works great for skin and moisturizes it from deep within. It is easily absorbed by the skin and helps in lightening dark circles. It relieves dry skin and gives a clear complexion. An energy booster for the skin from within.

2. Almond oil for hair : Bring on the luster in your hair with almond oil. Regular use not only prevents hair fall but improves hair growth too. It helps in reducing dandruff and is great for hair vitality. Bid a nice goodbye to common hair problems and enjoy the luster in your hair.

3. Almond oil in milk : Just a few drops everyday in milk enhances memory and sharpens focus. A must for growing children to boost their memory and strengthen their nervous system.

4. Almond oil for strong bones : Almond oil helps in a child’s bone development. It helps in baby soft skin and healthy bones with a regular good massage. Give your growing baby all the nutrition with a good almond oil. Note: Do refer your doctor before using it.

5. Almond oil for a strong system : Almond oil reduces the likelihood of gastric problems and constipation. It works on the system from within and strengthens it. It is excellent in winters when the body needs more care and attention. I use it personally and put 2-4 drops in my nose every night before sleeping to save me from common cough and cold ailments. Let’s Expresso healthy skin, body and hair!


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