10 quick tips for healthy hair

tips for healthy hair
Tips for healthy hair
  1. Love your hair and it will love you back– tired and tested tip. I am starting my post with this simple tip and trust me it works more than any other tip. Treat your hair with love and more love and see it glowing with your love. This definitely has to be the first in my quick tips for healthy hair.
  2. Oil it fortnight. Whether you oil for a night, for 2 hours or even just half an hour, but do oil it. Like they say, something is better than nothing. Oil replenishes the lost moisture and adds that sheen to the dry, unmanageable hair. Contrary to what most of the parlours claim now-a-days, oiling is highly recommended. There are varieties of oils available from coconut to almond to organic to what not. Whether used alone or as a concoction, oiling is a must.
    Oil your hair
    Tips for healthy hair
  3. Use a good shampoo suitable for your hair type. We all know this tip but ignore it totally. We all know our hair type depending on everyday hair behavior. Get the shampoo as per your hair type and requirement.
  4. Take care of the split ends. This is a problem mostly found in medium to longer hair. The entire look goes for a toss with split ends and fly aways. Regular trims help in checking this problem. The latest problem solver is the New Dove Split Ends Rescue System. The shampoo works deep into the hair to give healthier and split ends free hair. I have started using it and can feel the difference from the second wash.
    Dove Split ends rescue system
    Dove Split ends rescue system
  5. Blot your hair for drying. Do not rub vigorously with a towel, instead blot it with the towel to remove excess water. Allow it to air dry.
  6. Get yourself a good hairstylist. A good hair cut will uplift the mood till a long time. A bad haircut or a bad dye job can totally ruin your day. Find a good hairstylist who can understand your hair and give you the required hair job. Haircuts and hair dyes last as long as a month and you are totally safe during that time.
  7. Accessorize your hair : Yes, good hair accessories add that spark to your face. Beautiful hair clips, bands totally uplift the entire look and help you steal the day. Invest in good quality accessories that do not harm the hair. Avoid bad quality rubber bands that tear the hair stands or cause hair fall.
  8. Cover your hair in sun and dust. Carry an umbrella or a scarf or a hat and cover your hair against harsh dust and sun rays. Like our body, hair needs complete protection too.
    Cover your hair in sun
    Cover your hair in sun
  9. Avoid using too many hair products. Stick to few and the ones with good quality. Do not over expose your hair to too many chemical products.
  10. Do not be a victim to advertisements. There are 1000s of brands and each claiming to be the best. Do not pay a heed and start buying all of them. Stick to one shampoo & conditioner, serum, leave in product that suits your hair type. Frequent changing damages the hair. Stick to the products that suit your hair and ignore the rest of them.

Keep in mind these healthy hair care tips and see yourself shining away to glory with beautiful tresses and plethora of compliments. If you have any tip to add, we would love to hear….


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  1. Great information on healthy hair. I also agree that we should not use different shampoo and test it on our hair. I am using dove from last 3 years and results are great however just using shampoo can’t give result. And that’s why I take oil massage on my head twice a week.

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