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Beauty lies inside us. And to further add up, we girls apply a dash of makeup. There is no science to the correct makeup technique, however, makeup applied correctly can do wonders to the look and confidence. Though fingers come in handy but correct beauty tools can make life much simpler and easier. Here is a list of 10 Must have beauty tools that every girl must possess. They are economical, one time buys and last a complete season. However, we would recommend changing these tools every season or after they get worn out, whichever happens first due to hygiene issues.Beauty Tips Fashion Bloggers India

10 Must have beauty tools :

  1. Foundation brush: Must have to get the right makeup base. One investment you will never regret because a good base can take the makeup look to another level.
  2. Nail filer: A chipped nail irritates the most. A nail filer can easily mend a semi broken or chipped nail. You can give any shape you like to your nails with the help of a filer. Carry it with you on the go and quickly mend the chipped nail before it gets caught by the fabric of your cloth.
  3. Cotton swab or Q tip: Cotton swabs, easily available are the life savers in times of need. A swab can easily correct makeup and remove the residues from inside the eyes. You can easily correct the shape of the winged eyeliner or any wrong stroke of the liner. A swab comes in handy in cleaning the nail polish that gets spread on the fingers. Plus, if you apply vaseline on the nail bed using a swab before applying the nail paint, chances are the nail paint won’t spread to the fingers.
  4. Eye shadow brush: A good blending of two eyeshadows give a clean and defined look. You can use your finger tips however, a blending eye shadow brush does the trick easily. A smokey look can easily be achieved + a professional eye shadow brush gives a much blended look and an easy distinction between two colours.
  5. Tweezers: I use it often to remove unwanted hair from chin or upper lips. Easy to carry and can be used over long vacations or sudden get-togethers. I keep a gap of 2 weeks between threading sessions so a tweezer comes in handy for a sudden meeting or party.
  6. Sponge: A beauty sponge has many purposes. However the best one is to blend in the makeup easily. A heavy makeup look can be easily toned down with the help of a sponge.
  7. Eyelash curler: Perfect for having sharp eye lashes and adding an icing on the eye makeup. A totally smashing product for those curled and defining eye lashes.
  8. Cheek brush/bronzer brush: A cheek brush help in blending the bronzer along the contours of the face and achieving a bronze tinted look.
  9. Eyebrow brush: Easily tame your brows and keep them in place with the help of a eyebrow brush.
  10. Small size scissors: A scissor is a multi purpose tool. You can first of all cut way all the tags on beauty tools with a pair of scissors rather than using your nails or teeth. It can also be used to cut over grown brow hair.

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