9 photos that highlight the colourful Goa

Goa is all about sun, sand and beaches. Today, we bring to you a different side of Goa. This side of Goa is about the people, streets and the vivid colours of the beautiful state. If you want to know a place, you have to know its people and know its streets. This post is all about that. With the help of Huawei P9, we bring to you 9 photos that highlight the colourful Goa. See the bright streets and spirits and the magnanimity that Goa has to offer. Huawei P9 becomes our ‘friend in need’ and captures these photos as walking- talking evidences of the the colourful Goa. Scroll down and enjoy the moments frozen in time. It took us an arm and length to click these but everything’s worth the effort when the end result brings a breeze of satisfaction. Do let us know what you think about these photos and the camera quality in the comments below.

Houses and streets of Goa are inspired by Portuguese presence and rule. With cultural and aesthetic influences from Europe and other places, Goa is a unique cultural mix and that has affected the lifestyle and design of houses. The Architectural style of Portuguese built Churches and houses can be seen all around Goa. This adds to its charm and liveliness.



Let’s Expresso & Huawei P9 present 9 photos that highlight the colourful Goa.


1. The tourist paradise is a colourful entourage of people and houses. You can see women selling fruits and vegetables on streets. This is so Goa!


huawei p9 review


2. This is one scene you will see at every nook and corner. This is what makes Goa special.


double the action with honor 8


3. The buildings have large doors with distinct designs to identify the houses. Use of dramatic colours to paint the houses is a take off from the Portuguese era.


goa in pictures


4. There are many small parks in the city for people to rest and breathe.




5. Streets and houses in colour and spirit; Contrast and soothing!


goa in pictures


6. Scotties and two wheelers- the lifeline of Goa for residents and tourists. Just hire a scooty and hop from one beach to another.





7. Tourists flocking in straw hats and vigour. Wherever you turn, you have people from across the country and continents.


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8. Hanging balconies or covered Porches in European style, facing the street.


huawei p9 review


9. The carnival feel. You become an instant hippie as soon as you land in Goa. The place has a vibe which is infectious. Go, get smitten for yourself!
fashion blogger India

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