Countdown to 2017 – Things to do before this year ends

2016 just whizzed past and it is almost the year end. For some the year was awesome with new opportunities, travelling or getting married; while for some it wasn’t that good. But it is essential to make the most of the year, especially now when we are all getting ready to say goodbye to 2016. Whether good or bad, 2016 would remind you of memories or life lessons.

Things to do before this year ends

These are the 7 things that you must do for yourself before the year ends.

  1. Pamper yourself at the spa

For all that 2016 has done to you – heartbreak, exam tension, managing kids and work, or just being stuck in your mundane routine, a spa session is the best solution.

Say yes to a relaxing session at the spa! Source -
Say yes to a relaxing session at the spa!
Source –

Take time off and make that booking. Whether it is a hair spa or an Ayurvedic massage, you need that extra bit of pampering. It’ll help you relax and unwind and most of all, it’ll prep you up for all the new challenges 2017 might get for you.

  1. Read a book

It is always a good time to read! Before the year ends read something for joy. The much talked about Hunger Games, the tear jerker The Fault in Our Stars or the creep Gone Girl, choose a genre of your liking and just go for it.

Year end is the perfect time to bundle up with a good book! Source -
Year end is the perfect time to bundle up with a good book!
Source –

And if you’re not the paperback types, you can always try e-reading. The latest trend Audio Books is also a great way to push yourself to the habit of reading.

Do check out our list of 10 Books to movie adaptations that you’ll love.

  1. Have a house party

The beautiful weather is great for house parties. Invite your friends over for a pajama party or a brunch. Fun, food, and friends, what else does life needs!

Call your girlies for a fun filled pajama party...
Call your girlies for a fun filled pajama party… Source –

Eat yummy food, take lots of pictures, make happy memories. Also forget that fight and invite your friend for the house party. You want to say goodbye to grudges and negativity in this year itself.

Movie night in with all your besties is what you need! Source - bloglovin'.com
Movie night in with all your besties is what you need!
Source – Pinterest/Bloglovin’

You can also select movies from our list of 10 Hollywood inspirational movies that you should not miss.

  1. Go for a run

Don’t be a lazy bum and go for a run. It’ll fill you up with energy and zeal. The cool December breeze and the fog will be great accompaniments.

Run Run Run Source -
Run Run Run
Source –

Do this now so that you are inspired to move towards a fitter lifestyle in 2017. And if you are reading this after your workout, kudos to you! Keep up the good work.

  1. Relish your favorite dessert

Frozen Yogurt, Brownie Sundae, or the eternal love Red Velvet Cheesecake, now is the time to make the choice. Enjoy your favourite dessert without the worry of the world and you’ll know what happiness looks like.

Life is short, have desserts first.
Life is short, have desserts first. Source –

Finish an ice-cream tub (preferably small) on the movie marathon night, go to your favorite café and order desserts before main course – just have desserts. And don’t forget to run an extra mile the next morning.

  1. Indulge in some retail therapy

What better than indulging in some shopping? It really elevates your mood and spirit. Buy something from your wish list, browse your favourite store and pick up a little something for yourself. Basically, treat yourself for all that you’ve been through.

Shopping is always a good idea :)
Shopping is always a good idea 🙂

PS – Totally encouraging you to buy that beautiful bag you’ve been eyeing since the past 4 months. Remember that haunts us the most which we don’t buy!!!

  1. Do nothing

Take the day off and do nothing. Enjoy the small joys of life, sipping tea in the warm morning sun, playing with your pet, gazing at the stars (too daring in this weather though), dreaming about places you want to visit and just contemplating life.

Things to do before this year ends
Sometimes it is a good idea to do nothing and enjoy it.

It is good to pause and take a break from the rat race we are all running. Before the year ends start something new – spending time with yourself and enjoying it. Go for loner lunch dates, solo movies and even solo trips. You are your best company.

Let the bygones of 2016 not haunt the year to come. Hope you step in the new year with renewed zeal and enthusiasm. Happy New Year lovelies!!!

Kritika Manchanda is the author of a fiction novel – ‘December Breeze’ and a Features Writer at Let’s Expresso. In addition to being a lifestyle and travel blogger, she is an ardent reader and a crazy dog girl!
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