5 Tips to keep up your New Year Resolutions

You all would have made up resolutions for the New Year. But the fate of these new year resolutions is something that is totally questionable! Travel more, be healthy and fit, spend more time with family, save more….the list is endless.

how to keep up new year resolutions
Follow these easy tips to keep up your new year’s resolutions.
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If you’re someone who loves to make resolutions and then struggles to follow them, then we got you sorted.

Sharing with y’all 5 super easy ways to keep up your New Year resolutions.

1. Be realistic and plan ahead

Focus clearly on your most important goals. Better health, inner peace, or a new venture to set up, you are the best judge to know what is that you need at this point in life.

5 ways to keep your new year's resolutions
Always hope, but never expect.
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The foremost thing to understand is that you need to keep it simple. There are high chances that resolutions that are realistic and simple will be completed. Setting short term goals is a great idea as it helps you move forward towards a bigger goal.

2. Timing makes all the difference

The beginning of the year is a good time to make new year’s resolutions. You’re all pumped for the upcoming year, everyone around is in zeal to follow their resolutions, and the world conspires you in small ways to achieve your goals.

how to stick to your ne year resolutions
Start the year with new energy and positive vibes.
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You feel a part of a worldwide movement. Keep the energy up through the year, so that you can follow the resolutions and take charge of the situation yourself.

Tip: If you haven’t made the New Year resolutions, it’s okay! Make one now and make it count. It’s always a good day to make a resolution.

3. Document the changes

When you have a physical memory of your resolutions, it reminds you of what you’re aiming for. Keep a journal to track your fitness journey, add pictures of slimmer you. Write your travel snippets and add beautiful pictures, or have a gratitude journal. Remember to add your motivations and positive thoughts.

making resolutions stick
Make notes of your journey. It will motivate you to do better.
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The market is full of stunning stationery that’ll encourage you to make notes and in turn follow your new year’s resolution.

4. Reward yourself

Planning a reward for progress of your resolutions is an amazing incentive to work hard and achieve it. The best way is to plan small rewards throughout the journey, rather than one big reward at the completion of the resolution.

5 sure ways to keep your new year’s resolutions
Reward yourself for all the effort you put in for yourself.
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For example, if you plan to lose 10 kgs this year, reward yourself with a small something when you lose 3 kgs. It would encourage you to keep the fit lifestyle and achieve your weight loss goal.

5. Don’t give up

Persistence is the key to success. There would be highs and lows during your resolutions. Keep yourself motivated through the lows, so you can enjoy the highs to the fullest.

Building the foundation in strengths and self belief will help you go a long way. Feel proud of your achievements, don’t be too critical or harsh on yourself and just keep going. Remember it is important to keep moving forward, the pace doesn’t matter.

how to keep your new year's resolutions
As they say’ try and try until you succeed.
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Read how you can build resilience and move forward in life.

Follow these easy and effective tips and keep up with your New Year resolutions. Hope you have a great year ahead!

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