Giveaway: 8 pink Makeup brushes + 1 metallic Brush Clutch (worth Rs 5600)

Welcome to the first Blog Giveaway of 2015. It feels great to start the New Year with a fabulous giveaway, close to every girl’s heart. Wish u a super year with a fabulous lifestyle.

What’s that one thing that can brighten a dull day? A fabulous makeup. Today I have a giveaway just for that. On my previous post, I had covered a Haul post with And when I got the Makeup brush set with a stunning silver clutch to hold all the brushes, I realised the power of products with utility. Right makeup brushes can help in putting makeup effectively. The quality of makeup brushes matter too. Good quality makeup brushes not only run longer but also help in putting makeup the right way. A winged eyeliner helps in creating winged looks easily. A correct foundation brush helps in face contouring aswell as blending the product. This set of essential 8 makeup brushes celebrate women and inspire daily makeup routine. One of you can win this by following the steps below.

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Pink Elements Classic Set of makeup brushes along with the silver clutch worth INR 5600/-.

To ENTER the Giveaway, just answer the following question:

“Why do you deserve this makeup brush set?”


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The Contest Giveaway opens today and will close on 28th February’15. Open to Indian residents, the winner will be informed via email and will be declared on this page aswell.  For any query, you can mail me at and I will respond at the earliest. Have fun with these blog giveawaysAll the Best.

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P.S: The winner of this giveaway is Janki.

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  1. Hi.. I really love this brush set. It is so useful.
    I deserve this brush set because I would keep this in my trousseau.and I am learning some make up also so it would definitely add a benefit to me.

  2. I deserve to win these pretty make up brushes because 1) I have followed the steps above 🙂 2) Secondly, I follow your blog and read all the articles, hence an avid follower deserves to win a giveaway! 3) I simply love makeup and love creating looks hence I need them in my life! Thank you 🙂

    PS: they are so pretty!

  3. Bcoz of my small baby, i m not able to go to parlours, hence to get ready at home myself, i deserve to win this hamper.
    Wish to have it…thats of so good quality and will be very much useful to me

  4. Hey dear!! Thnx for hosting this truly amazing giveaway….. 😀
    Im already a fb follower of ur blog as well as subscribed to ur blog via email…
    Have tagged my frnds on ur fb post and shared the giveaway on my fb page:

    Now coming to the answer: I deserve this makeup brush set as i have been on the hunt for the perfect makeup brushes for quite some time now.As u have mentioned in ur post it is very essential to have good quality brushes inorder to enhance the effect of makeup and hence I wud absolutely love to get my hands on these beauties( love their color)…Till date ive used brushes for applying foundation n applying eye shadow…I wud really love to experiment with all the other type of brushes… 😀

    I have seen many giveaways hosted by blogs till date…but this i will say is surely the best giveaway i have ever seen….Im totally drooling over those beauties… 😀

  5. I deserve to win this brush set because I love makeup and my new year resolution is to look more glamorous and beautiful. This brush set will help me look my eyes more pretty. I love smokey eyes and it will really help me a lot. Also, I love pink colour so the brush set is in my favourite colour. Hope to get lucky and keep my new year resolution. Thanks for the opportunity dear. Followed all the above rules.

  6. I want to win this because I love to do makeup and these brushes helps me to compliment my makeup and these tools are essential to perfecting my look as well.Big wish to win

  7. I want to enhance my beauty and saving my makeup product too by these brushes. Investing in brushes and using the right makeup brushes and tools will not only help give me a flawless makeup look, but actually save money in the long run. How? AS Use less product and makeup will last longer .
    very real fact that there are times when makeup is used for far more than enhancing one’s natural features. Namely, this need takes the form of covering blemishes in youth and covering wrinkles in the mature years. Therefore, using specialized brushes can help a woman achieve a certain look designed not just for beauty, but for coverage.

    I start learning about make up and brushes through tutorial and love to try it but the problem is that i do not have particular makeup brush as i know the importance of brushes .


  8. Being at the verge of stepping into a new life (happy married life) where a quick and elegant transformation is needed from being a teenage girl to a responsible lady…I guess I totally deserve this makeup brush set.

    This would not only accentuate my beauty but would help me to grab the attention which a new bride seeks to. Loaded with compliments would not only make me feel good but I’m sure mother-in-law could boast & take pride for making the right selection 🙂

  9. I deserve this awesome makeup brush because Whenever i see myself in mirror mirror says to me that “u r so beautiful but it is time to do something different according to this time, according to Fashion trends, u need something to enhance ur look , as u r already beautiful :)” then i said “YES u are true” ..i m worth it ..till then i was waiting for the best item for this …now LestExpresso is giving me this opportunity to do somthing different with makeup ..and makeup is impossible without this perfect makeup brush .. 🙂

  10. Hey!

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway.. I’d love to win this set cuz I’ve just started to enjoy make up n the whole process n was contemplating buying a set n this would be an amazing thing to get lucky with and to live n love make up more n more n more and also as a reminder that change is good !

  11. I deserve this set for my mom who has aged so gracefully. I just love her silver hair too that is her crowning glory.

  12. I love to deserve this makeup brush set bcoz i love to do makeup & for makeup brushes is playing very important role in it…. & right now i dont have full set of brushes.. so i think i deserve it………………

  13. Let’s Expresso why should I win this is bcoz frankly speaking I don’t have this kind of make up brushes and i use small brushes for makeup . this brushes are really of good quality and will add stars to my make up kit .and I wud like to tell my friends to participate here so that they too can win . I’m done with all steps .

  14. Awesome Giveaway! And i feel i deserve this make up brush set because i do use a lot of make up and i would love to have a new set of brushes. And these are so pretty too 🙂
    Thank u for this opportunity!

  15. hello tanya mam….
    its fantastic giveaway… & i lyk that brush set very much.. & i deserve this mackup brush set because i love to do mackup. & i dont have this type of brush set. & there is my cousin’s marriage in next month if i win this i will look more beautifull if use them for mackup. 🙂

  16. Hey Tanya hi… Happy New Year
    What a lovely start of Give Away n what better gift a girl would ask for. I m sure whoevers’ wins this kit is going to enhance her make up skills.
    All d best girls…

  17. I deserve this makeup brush set because I am a proper fashionoholic. I already have many make up sets. I love having lots and lots of makeup stuffs. I would love to get it from you. As their would be immense excitement and love if I got this from you.

  18. I want to win this because makeup is my weakness, these brushes will help me to do make up faster & easier way, it will help me to get the perfect look in less time. HOPE to win

  19. wow… really good thought full giveaway…. i deserve this makeup brush set bczzz i don’t have any makeup brushes… i use my fingers to do my makeup… which is a good thing .. but we are 3 sisters… we 3 use the same makeup products.. so using the products with fingers are a little bit unhygienic.. so i need these makeup brushes soo badly… my parent won’t let me spend sooo much money on makeup.. thank u dear.. for this amazing giveaway… fingers crossed.. <3

  20. Thank you,its a superb giveaway.

    I deserve this makeup brush set because I love to apply make up there’s certain tools I need to complete a variety of makeup looks.The 1 thing that make a makeup look are brushes. makeup and cosmetic brushes let me apply my makeup more evenly and with precision every time.

  21. I would be elated on winning this awesome set of 8 pink make up brushes. I just discarded my old ones as they were giving me acne and were very old. I love the colour pink, need to put make up daily to go to work. I have always entered for giveaways but never once won. Furthermore the marriage season is on, I have to attend two important marriages. Promise to make max use of them and write a small post for sweetAnnu Titbits

  22. Tomboyish in nature and accidentally falling in love is making me to do all silly stuff (from which i used to stay afar). To start with wearing girly dresses, flaunting those peppy tic tac pins, bright nail paint…and yet to start off with make up. I am sure this brush set would help me to bring out the diva in me…teaching me the essence of make up- staying royal, elegant and natural with subtle touch of deja-vu make up elements…gathering all accolades and catching every second glance of audience 😉

  23. Thank you so much for such a lovely giveaway, you wont believe till date i have only 2 makeup brushes, 1 tiny angled brush i got with the gel eye liner and other i have a blush brush which is of no use. I was looking for makeup brushes kit since long. Checked email today, saw your mail and happily thought may me you’re my Ginee…
    I DESERVE IT BECAUSE– i am a makeup enthusiast and soon taking an admission in a makeup school, i will be needing those cute brushes to enhance my makeup skills and to work like a pro. HOPE TO WIN AND START LEARNING WITH YOUR GIFT

  24. Hi Tanya.

    I want to win this set of brushes & clutch because I have none of any brushes. Just that small brush that comes in local makeup kit. So I would love to win this as I apply the eye shadow with my fingers. Seriously. I would definitely learn to do eye makeup which I always see on videos and tutorials.


  26. Tanya!! You know it well what is the present requirement for enhancing my style so thanks for this Stupendous Giveaway!!!! To give the new look in my style and to add charm in my look I deserve to Win. Further in February , My brother Marriage is on feb 15 and u know this is a great Day for me . for this to add charm and stylie i need these Makeup brushes…. moreover the Leather Clutch is not ever stylish but it make my make-up brushes intact in its safe cover

  27. Even though I am Newly wed, I prefer to stay natural or with minimal make up. Reason is – improper knowledge and ineffective application of product makes you look like a FOOL.
    Lack of these brush set which actually accentuate the glamorous look is missing from my kit, henceforth, would love to roll out a surprise to my hubby…dressing up with proper make up (he is yet to see)….creating floating hearts above his head on his b’day celebration… 🙂

  28. Hey there!! thanks for holding this wonderful giveaway! I would definitely LOVE to win this make-up brush set because I use make-up on a daily basis. Applying makeup with brushes is part of the make up hygiene. good quality brushes, as you said, are a must. I’ve started using and practicing makeup since one-year ago and have learnt so much! all i need is make up brushes to make myself better. i do not own many brushes. just a blush brush and a flat brush for eye shadows and a lip brush. it was only recently that i learnt about the importance of different kinds of brushes like the kabuki brush, blending brush,angled brush, etc. I really wish to be picked up by you as a winner because winning these would be a dream come true. also, i love how cute they look! its’ pink!! how cute is that and the pouch is so edgy and stylish itself!i used to be skeptical about using brushes and thought that my hands will do the work until i realized that it is risky since my make up wouldn’t blend that well and also, hygiene. so that pretty much sums it all up as to why i would love to have these beauties in my kitty! 😀 thank you so much once again! 😀

  29. I Deserve this brushes beacause these brushes are soft and with good brands as my skin is sensitive i need all things is branded and deserve this because it is made for me, it is mine…….

  30. I wud love to have this makeup brush as they are very stylish n very to have this giveaway which will give me more beautiful stylish n glamorous look This kid will give my personality a different look n make me more confident n to have this kid with me

  31. I would like to win & deserve this brush set for my cousin since she is starting out in makeup so she can help with the finances and I think it would be a really good starter makeup brush set. She is the best mom, always putting the kids wants and needs before her own. Her self confidence hasn’t been the greatest lately.Win or lose, It’s the thought that counts, right?

    I love receiving presents but I also love giving them and see people’s reaction. Love that feeling of giving something they want and didn’t expect. I highly recommend scaring the shit out of the people you love most.
    I can go on but I know you guys have to read other people comments , so I won’t hold you on my little story. Thanks for reading, have a blessed day 🙂 Love your blog ♥♥

  32. To begin with it is an awesome giveaway! I can’t describe how excited I feel to participate. I have always been a makeup enthusiast and I love to experiment with different looks.
    Being the only one to look after my expenses, I can hardly afford such quality brushes after paying my tuition n rent fees. Watching plenty of tutorials on Youtube I’ve always wanted to recreate those looks but hands do just no justice! I have always wanted to own a set of all basic brushes but I couldn’t have one till date even though I’m rushing to my mid-twenties. I feel that all women have a soft corner for make-up and I couldn’t agree more that all of us here are zesty and full of zeal to own these babies. I too am dreaming to get my hands on them, but do dreams come true? :^)

  33. Hi Tanya!
    These brushes look amazing and I would love to own such a wonderful set. I am a mother of 3 and have reached middle age. I feel I have neglected myself for a long time and looking back, I can hardly recall when I last pampered myself. I used to be a beautician in my 20s which I believe were the best days of my life. My makeup skills were said to be amazing for the 80s trend but my due to personal reasons I was bound to leave my job. Anyhow if ask me, I think enhancing your beauty only adds to your confidence and makes you look youthful and healthy which I wish I could do!
    My daughter is your fan who introduced me to your blog. Thanks for inspiring young women. If I can win these, I would sure give myself a good makeover every day. I am hopeful I stand a chance at least! Thanks a lot for the opportunity. 🙂

  34. i really wanna win this set of brushes ‘coz with these brushes can give that desired perfection to my makeup which i loose sometimes and 2ndly it’s peppy color is too cute so just wanna treasure it in my makeup collection .

  35. Face is a canvas for makeup and every canvas is painted with the help of brushes.I love creating different looks and so I deserve the set as I love ‘painting’.
    Also,due to my eczema prone skin,I can use only quality brush sets which cost a bomb and its difficult to buy these.I had stopped applying makeup recently after I got a recent flareup on my skin due to bad brushes. 🙁

    Anyway,a great initiative you have taken and there are lovely entries over here.So All the best to all of us.
    Take care. 🙂

  36. I wish to win this because I really loved the make up brushes and I dont have a complete set like this. I would be getting married soon so this would be just be of perfect use. Plus, I have never, won any give away so hoping to win. Thanks!

  37. I deserve this makeup brush set because first of all its pink color, i love it….i just like to collect everything in pink color especially my makeup kit which shows interest in magical makeup things & attract.

  38. i want to win this set of brushes because Makeup brush tools are essential when perfecting my complete makeup look. Good quality makeup brushes made from high quality fibres can be pricey. so, i cant able to purchase all set of brushes however, having the correct brushes can make a big difference in my makeup application. am basic learner in makeup purchase wish to own this brush kit ! makeup brushes are always compliment to the makeup :))

  39. i want to win this set of brushes because Makeup brush tools are essential when perfecting my complete makeup look. Good quality makeup brushes made from high quality fibres can be pricey. so, i cant able to purchase all set of brushes however, having the correct brushes can make a big difference in my makeup application. am basic learner in makeup purchase wish to own this brush kit ! makeup brushes are always compliment to the makeup :)) ^_^

  40. I deserve to win this brush set because this brush set is from and I love all the products available on their website. I also love their ZOEVA 88 Eyeshadow Palette. love makeup and my new year resolution is to look more glamorous and beautiful. This brush set will help me look my eyes more pretty. I love smokey eyes and it will really help me in creating that a lot. Also, I love pink colour so the brush set is in my favourite colour. Hope to get lucky and keep my new year resolution. Thanks for the opportunity dear. Followed all the above rules.

  41. Though i have mentioned in my comments above that i why i deserves to win this brush set but i forgot to mention one thing that this brush set is from and I love all the products available on their website. I especially love ZOEVA 88 Eyeshadow Paletter because for me makeup starts first with eyes and they should look more prettier. Thanks dear. 🙂

  42. Hai dear ! awasome contest. Iam sure I inform my friends, you make people happy by giving the best <3. lOVE YOUR HEART FOR GIVING TO OTHERS. God bless you in everything. <3.
    the reason I deserve the brush is I love to apply makeup to my face.I have many creams and powders but I do not have a perfect brush. Everything I have is not like this. If I win this I will use them happily and I can shar with my sister as she can also use them for application. Thank you.Have a nice day. GOD BLESS YOU.

  43. I deserve this makeup brush because I want to look flawless with the makeup done by these brushes, it will make me look gorgeous…
    I have followed all your rules and regulations..

  44. I deserve to have this brush set!! Bcos I love applying make up.. I had no perfect brush set for my makeup!! If I win this brush set, happily I’ll use it.. Winning something is more special,so this gift vl be special if I win it.. Hope I win this!! Thanku 🙂

  45. Tanya! 🙂
    Firstly my heart felt thanks to you for hosting this ‘luxe’ giveaway that is outta this world. I’d like to express my gratitude to for intorducing the makeup brands and luxury makeup that were out of reach till today.
    As i made a quick journey through your blog, I instantly fell in love with it. I think you are a pioneer in fashion and beauty. The fashion tips are so informative, and I loved the travel sections a lot (superrr stunning pics). It helps people who likes to wander, know more about the essentials of travel. It is a very innovative section indeed.

    In my opinion, every girl is beautiful; from the inside as well as outer beauty. Inner beauty matters as much as the appearance. A beautiful heart and a soul can win the world. You are beautiful, with a beautiful smile that is the key to a beautiful soul.

    I apologise for getting all ‘philosophical’ here. Coming to the Zoeva brushes, I have been hunting for good quality makeup brushes since ages, and nothing seems to have satisfied me. As you said, it is important that makeup brushes are of superior quality in order to achieve flawless makeup. As I came across Zoeva a while back I’ve been longing to get my hands on them, but due to some or the other reasons I’m unable to do so. 🙁 Blame my savings!

    I deserve to own a set of Zoeva brushes because every girl desires that she has the key to luxury and treated like a princess, at least once in a while. The brush set screams of luxury, and is everything I desire (to be a princess :P). Other than that, I have a desire to stand out from the rest; By the means of flawless makeup, which can be achieved with the help of these luxurious brush set. According to me, each brush is uniquely designed to serve its respective purposes. As you said, good quality also means they stay by our side for a long, long time.What more can I ask for! An exquisite set of brushes that’d make my makeup sessions more of a desired fun-filled time where I look forward to do makeup than a daily ritual.

    Anddd its PINK! Of course a girl loves pink (yes yes, me!) Ah! That’s that, sorry for being long and all speech-y.
    Loads of love,

    Disha 🙂

  46. Hi Tanya,

    I feel i deserve to win this bag for one simple reason, i don’t have these make up brushes. Always wanted to try out the make up skills and strokes, but couldn’t grab these as they were pretty costly for my trial :P. If i win these, will try to new look and master the make up strokes 🙂


  47. Hey Tanya!

    Your giveaways are always awesome! Coming to why I deserve this makeup brush set, I have quite a few reasons. For one, I LOVE pink. And that’s not even an understatement. These brushes look like a dream and would look wonderful in my pink themed room. Also, I recently attended a makeup workshop and finally know the importance of using correct brushes, correctly. Up until now, me applying makeup had basically been taking the best products (think Mac, Bobbi Brown, Benefit cosmetics etc.) and then slapping them on with *shock, gasp, horror* fingers! Yes, I was that crude! Now that I know I am wasting a lot of product and not even doing justice with the looks I can create by not using right brushes, I NEED them in my life. That and the fact that I travel quite a bit and hence need something portable makes me want these even more. A sleek bag to pack up the brushes in to carry around is the best thing ever. And then of course, I deserve these brushes because I’d share the good karma by making more videos & writing more blogposts on doing makeup. So this would be a gift that would keep on giving 😀 😉

  48. I am soon to be bride and I plan on doing all the make up for my five day wedding on my own. Well with help from my sister.

    I have carefully picked out all the make up already, we are yet to buy the brushes. This would the most ideal win right now.

  49. I need this brush because I feel that this brush is meant for me. I wanna look more elegant outside as to what im inside.
    If I win this brush, I would gain confidence of giving myself a makeover n I feel it has all the brushes I need to give myself a “me” look.
    Thank you.

  50. hi …. thank u for this very amazing amazing giveaway. i’m sooo in love with this giveaway…
    why i feel like i deserve to win these fairy wands are because my face is really sensitive and i use brushes which available in local markets … not sooo in good quality.. and sadly the bristles comes on my face…which creates a itchy sensation… i love doing makeup but i just completed my college.. i can’t afford to buy good quality brushes and i need a perfect makeup brushes to do the magic on my face .. so that i can get ready for my job interviews perfectly…
    and i don’t have any stippling brushes for foundation… i do my makeup but sadly some times it makes my face a little bit cakey because of normal brushes i can’t blend it completely ….. for a perfect makeup look for interview i can’t spend tooo much time infront of mirror… if i spend tooo much time… then i ‘ll get late for the interview… which is why i strongly feel like i deserve to win this… THANK U FOR THIS HOPE…. ADVANCED HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.. <3

  51. Hello, good afternoon, 🙂
    I deserve this makeup brush set because I love fashion a lot for me “Fashion is a Station of Happiness”. “Fashion is Fountain of Womanhood.” Fashion enhance my confidence. I love pretty pink colour as this brush set is also pink. This brush set is a part of fashion. I like makeup according to the occasion. Being teacher I need this makeup brush set in my school while gathering to get ready my gorgeous students. I don’t have such brush set if I will have this set it will definitely helps to define my personality. I feel proud to be part of this giveaway. I am following u on ur twitter handle as well as on facebook. HOPe of Win 🙂

  52. I feel this makeup brush set should be mine because its A MAKEUP BRUSH SET!!! Its like asking a person why do u breathe! Seeing the present scenario, i think makeup has become a necessity!!! And for me, its more than a necessity, i feel whatever makeup accessory am buying is i want to add on this cute little goodie to my wardrobe as well..
    PS: Its pink

  53. Hi Tanya,
    This is such a beautiful giveaway and I find myself absolute in love with these amazing set of brushes.

    I do not know whether i deserve them or not but I would love to deserve them as I am growing fond to make up and knowing the importance of good brushes for doing a more finesse makeup, makes me crave for them. I have burnt my pocket buying some from flipkart but alas they did not suit me as well. The one here looks really cool, all purpose and a #MustHave. I would love to win them, use them and flaunt them.
    Looks like destiny wanted me to win them as I just learnt about them and realized its last day today for the contest. I normally do not participate regularly on giveaways but somethings transpired me to try these out. Keeping fingers crossed, following you on Insta too 🙂

    By the way, loved your blog and your FB page. It is glad to connect back with you take care and Ciao!

  54. i deserve these cute pink brushes because make up is never ending! a girl can never suffice with what she has and a blogger like you, who gets such amazing stuff, will always think that she needs to upgrade her makeup set! :p i feel these are useful cause these brushes enhance your beauty and i need to do the same, make it more cleaner, more clear, more natural, so i need them badly! <3

  55. hey tanya!!!:) i want these pink beauties because they are brushes, they last long, so these are not that will end soon! they are useful, handy, and i like that clutch behind as well!!!! a very nice goodie to use and to stay with us for long!

  56. Hello dear,
    First of all, thanks for the awesome giveaway, love it absolutely. I deserve to win this set of make-up brushes simply because I love to look good and to look good, you need the right tools and techniques. I recently became second time mom and to keep post pregnancy depression at bay, I always dress up well and put on basic make up. This kit will help ,e in keeping my spirits high and instilling confidence too 🙂
    Following you on Facebook and Twitter as well 🙂

  57. Hi DearTanya ,Thanks for awesome Giveaway. Evreyone wants a complete sets in her kit nd u r giving a chance to make them true .. its awsme I would love to win these lovely products in the festive season. ..Winning with you will be my pleasure 🙂

  58. Hey there are so many reasons for which I think I deserve this awesome set, I have no idea how do I begin. So in no particular order, here I go:
    1. I really took the pain of scrolling down till the last comment before mine, my fingers and eyes are tired, I can use some smart brushes to touch up my eyes ; )
    2. It’s almost midnight, and I am commenting almost at the last minute, that makes me Cinderella… Would you love to be the lovely fairy and gift me this pretty stuff?
    3. I have just since last month started checking out eye makeup videos and didn’t quite do well with the basic brush I have, I can use this combo.
    4. My chronic pain doesn’t leave me with that much energy to apply makeup again and again, in case it doesn’t turn out perfect in the first go. I end up with very painful fingers or no makeup. I have read a lot that the right brushes can bring out the real magic of eye makeup. And it would be good to stay with the best set!
    5. My birthday is coming up and I promise eye makeup if I win this 😉
    6. I will flutter my eyelashes after applying makeup but you can imagine me doing it right away and saying, “Pretty please!”

  59. Hi Tanya, I am trying to comment again as I got an error earlier. Please ignore if this appears twice.

    Hey there are so many reasons for which I think I deserve this awesome set, I have no idea how do I begin. So in no particular order, here I go:
    1. I really took the pain of scrolling down till the last comment before mine, my fingers and eyes are tired, I can use some smart brushes to touch up my eyes ; )
    2. It’s almost midnight, and I am commenting almost at the last minute, that makes me Cinderella… Would you love to be the lovely fairy and gift me this pretty stuff?
    3. I have just since last month started checking out eye makeup videos and didn’t quite do well with the basic brush I have, I can use this combo.
    4. My chronic pain doesn’t leave me with that much energy to apply makeup again and again, in case it doesn’t turn out perfect in the first go. I end up with very painful fingers or no makeup. I have read a lot that the right brushes can bring out the real magic of eye makeup. And it would be good to stay with the best set!
    5. My birthday is coming up and I promise eye makeup if I win this 😉
    6. I will flutter my eyelashes after applying makeup but you can imagine me doing it right away and saying, “Pretty please!”

  60. Done all the steps
    I deserve this set because i want to give it a shot, who does not want to try this soooo beautiful collection like this

  61. Hey Tanya,

    I deserve this awesome makeup set brushes because I have started exploring makeup and its different ways of making myself look more beautiful. This awesome set has all the brushes that one needs to complete their makeup in totality.

    Also I have been hunting online since a month for good quality makeup brushes, but I am so confused that I end up e-commerce window shopping..hehhehe

    But this post of yours has made me feel that these are the best brushes one can have in their kitty and also its your giveaway so it definitely has to be fabulous 🙂

    hoping to win *fingers crossed* hope I get to see these in my kitty soon 😀

  62. Why do you deserved this make up brushes

    Respected Tanya Madam,

    Thanks for arrange Awesome Giveaway.

    I love to make up and very fascinated to make fabulous & different types of make up like day, night, party, formal & natural make up. For all you must need good quality of make up as well as difference type of brushes to give a touch according occasion. Right make up brushes gives effectively touch up to the face. With these different types of brushes square, angled, tapered, dome, blunt, point, slant, round, flat you will blend the shades of make up.
    In my view, it is not necessary yours look must be smart, gorgeous but the helping with these make up tools (brushes) you can give nice & sharp touch to your looks. These brushes are different types and their utility too.
    Upcoming March 2015 my friend got married so I need the entire brushes kit for her make up and all the Barat Beautiful ladies for their make up. … hahaha… 🙂 so I need & deserved these all pink colour brushes. Hope to win from you.

    Twitter page-
    Facebook –

    I done all step as per mentioned.


  63. Greetings from Delhi
    I deserve this makeup brush set for several reasons… 1)I own no brushes at all and apply products using my fingers…I would love to win these brushes as it would mean I would get better results from my make up!! I really think any makeup can look fantastic with the right tools! 🙂 xx every girl needs a good brushes!

    2)I have been looking for a great brush set but don’t have the money to be spending on anything extra. I would love to win this.

    3) I am trying to learn makeup skills and I think this set would make it a little easier.

    I’m very curious to try this brand brushes.

    5) I love the design of these brushes, they look so glam!

    6)the way you described the brushes, I cant wait to try them

    7)It’s about time I spoiled myself to some new brushes, if I don’t win I’ll maybe have to wait on Santa!!

    liked,tagged and shared on facebook ;


  64. I really want these make up brushes because like every girl I also want to look beautiful and stunning. These are not brushes , these are perfect make up artist of a girl. Best friends who can make you outstanding.. These are perfect tool for make over.. Loved the design and color of these brushes too…
    Wanna to make them mine…
    Hope to be luckiest..
    Thanks for awesome giveaway..
    Followed all rules 🙂

  65. Hey all!!
    Is the contest still on??? Who has won these beautiful brushes finally??? I’ve read each & every comment here and it really touched my <3. Would've sent these makeup brushes to all the ladies who commented here, only if it was possible for me. Anyways, i wish you all get your very own kit soon. And pray for my wife, that she get hers too. 😐

  66. Oh! Yeah!, I would be the only man commenting on this and this itself perhaps qualifies me to win this 🙂

    Jokes apart, I have been living with many women in my life, and hey! before you get me wrong, let me clarify that I am talking about my beautiful wife and three beautiful and charming princesses, my daughters.

    And, now tell me, who else than me deserve this wonderful Pink Elements Classic Set of makeup brushes along with the silver clutch. I would just imagine the happiness and thrill on the face of my wife and my angels when I get this gift at home for them.

  67. . Hi I would love to win this set of brushes .As brushes can give one different array of looks n flawless make up .You’ll get a much more even coverage using a brush, and a better polished finish.Your fingers can contaminate your cosmetics, but your brushes do not.It’s more hygienic.and it applies your foundation more evenly and precisely.

  68. Hi
    This is indeed the Best giveawaay i could ever Desire for as i was longing for good quality make up set.
    1.It is equally essential to have the right tools to enhance the makeup effect as it is to choose quality makeup product.
    2.It would be so nice to use exactly the right tool for right purpose assigned
    3.Without wasting the makeup product i can use just the right amount needed,so little wastage.
    4.I have recently being following and learning techniques through tutorials so this would be a treat for a newbie
    5.I can experiment different looks as few weddings are on the way as they will help in Sculpting and Accentuating the features
    6.I have been using fingers for applying causing few pimples ,So i ll be able to cover these zits nicely and hygienically with these awesome brushes
    7.This quality brushes were getting a bit heavy on my budget so it would be so nice if i ll win these
    Cute pouch will help me carrying these around safely and in order.
    Have followed all steps.
    Hope to win:-)

  69. Hi
    Thanks for this awesome giveway as it was most desired and i was longigng for them.
    1.Its equally important to have the right tools to apply the make up as it is to choose good quality makeup product.
    2.Its a must to use right tool made for the desired purpose assigned
    3.with these tools i csn use just the right amount of product without wastage
    4.I have been using my fingers for blending and applying causing zits and pimples.With these i ll be able to cover these zits hygienically
    5.i have recently started to learn new makeup techniques through tutorials so it eould be a Treat for a Newbie like me.
    6.They ll help me accentuating and sculpting the face naturally
    7.As my brothers wedding is coming these Will be quiet handy
    8.good quality brushes were proving bit heavy on my budget so how bful it would be if i win them
    Cute little bag along will help me carrying the tools hygienically and in order
    Hope i win

  70. Hi! well first of all i would like to say that these makeup brushes are really beautiful and why i think that i deserve these brushes because i like experimenting with new makeup…every time i get one of the necessity of a makeup i like to try them..and of course you are giving this giveaway and i’am sure that they will be really of a gud quality and nice ones..:)

  71. There are many reasons as to why I deserve this makeup brush set. Prime 5 being the following:
    1. I love to do makeup and these brushes will help me effectively do really good makeup.
    2. I can experiment and create different makeup looks everyday.
    3. For parties and weddings, I’ll save a whole lot as I don’t need to get my makeup done from a parlour. These makeup brushes will give me a professional look right at home.
    4. Easy to carry in a pouch, a great deal of help during travel.
    5. These professional makeup brushes are totally out of my budget to buy so this giveaway becomes my all time favourite.
    I will always be indebted to Let’s Expresso if I win this giveaway.

  72. Hi Miss beautiful from Lets Expresso, i started using makeup being inspired by seeing your informative blogs so kinda your are my makeup guru … I being a makeup beginner all thanks to you i deserve this makeup brush kit completely to get my makeup technique right to show the world your teachings.. so i think nobody deserves the brush better than me… Hail to Miss Beautiful Lets Expresso queen!!!!
    Your Faithfully,

  73. Hi Tanya
    Thankss for hosting such an amazingg Giveaway.
    I was just planning of purchasing my new Makeup Brush Kit.But In This New Giveaway Why should I leave my chance to win :P. I really wanna win This perfect makeup Brush kit as I can save my time for searching good quality brushes.:)
    While hands are great blending tools, and useful in a pinch, we rely on these brush sets for all our makeup needs, whether mastering a smoky eye for a night out, or to get an even finish that blends seamlessly into skin .I really need this Brush Kit as This kit contains eight travel-size brushes ,easy to carry. The brushes seem like they are well put together, no loose handles,super cute set.
    Done all the steps
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  74. I wud love to win this because..Make up is an ART..and These brushes will definitely do my job in few minutes flawlessly..
    No need to use fingers to set the makeup perfectly when we have this set of professional makeup brushes with us..Anyone can become a professional makeup artist with this kind of brushes..
    Lovely one Dear…Definitely wanna grab it..Good luck girls
    Thanks a lottttttttttttt

  75. Well, I believe I deserve this makeup brush set, because I’m crazy about make-up and always help everybody around me with their make-up!

    If I win, it will make Me, and everyone around me look better and prettier 😀
    Because, to love it to serve and to serve is to earn blessings, I want to get more blessings and win!
    Just like you, who organizes so many giveaways and makes our life easier 😀 I would love to make life simpler around me too 🙂
    And also, I love collecting makeup stuff, but can’t collect a few because they are not affordable! 🙂
    Hoping to win!
    Shared on facebook as Shradha Agarwal Kumar
    Shared on google+ as Shradha Kumar
    Shared on twitter as @KumarShradha
    Subscribed to your blog with id

  76. Well first of all a lot of thanks to you for organizing such awesome giveaways… i just love to participate and i m very influenced by your blog…

    Well I would love to win this Makeup brush set for My sweet little princess sis…as she is very fond of makeup and cosmetic items… though we fight with each other always…but are strongly connected to each other…
    Recently i gifted her some cosmetic items so if i win dis makeup brush set its gonna be an awesome topping to the gifts i gave her… Moreover she would be more happy to see i would have won something for her!!!!
    She is very experimenting and keeps trying new makeup tricks and tips…and these brushes gonna help her to apply makeup tricks with efficiency…and will give her a new mesmerizing look 🙂
    These brushes would give better justice to the cosmetic items used by her…!!!
    These makeup brush set looks very tempting…n d moment i saw this giveaway..the first thing that clicked my mind was i wanna win it for my sis 🙂 She will be super happy to see dis gift !!!!
    All i can say is fingers crossed…
    Hope to be d lucky one <3

    All steps done..
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