5 must try vegetarian Arabic foods in Jordan

Jordan is foodie’s paradise. Delicious dips, sumptuous street food and traditional delicacies, there is a lot to gorge upon. And just in case you are thinking that Jordan’s food is best suited for meat lovers only, let me tell you that there are many yummy dishes for us vegetarians also. Try these 5 must try vegetarian Arabic foods in Jordan and your tummy will say a thank-you.

Jordanians use a lot of olives, herbs, hummus, lemon and garlic for the preparation of vegetarian dishes. A wide variety of breads is available to be enjoyed with delicious dips and salads. Hummus and pita is one of the most loved vegetarian dishes of Jordan. It has gained a lot of popularity in various parts of the world. I am sure you must have relished it some time, or at least heard of it.


5 must try vegetarian Arabic foods in Jordan
Jordan on my plate!


Today I’ll talk about the 5 must try vegetarian Arabic foods in Jordan.

  • Mezze Platter

Jordanian meals start with a mezze, which is an array of starters including dips and salads. It is followed by a main course. Mezze platter is loved by people from all over the world and is served in many parts of the world as well. But devouring the authentic taste is a memorable experience!


veg food options in Jordan
Salads and dips- Jordan will spoil you for choices.


veg food options in Jordan
Hummus, that’ll vanish as soon as it comes.


veg Arabic food options in middle east
Baba Ganoush- irresistible!


veg Arabic food options in middle east
The greens will take you to another high.


5 must have vegetarian food options in Jordan
Look at that richness!


Some of the most popular salads in Jordan are – Fattoush salad, Rocket salad, Tabbouleh salad etc. The most popular dips are Hummus, plain hummus, beet root hummus and Baba Ghanoush (made with roasted aubergine with tomato, garlic, lemons and olive oil). Opt for a vegetarian mezze platter and let this be a heavenly start to a great meal.

  • Mahshi

Mahshi is another famous vegetarian delicacy of Jordan. The main ingredient is zucchini which is hollowed and stuffed with a delectable stuffing.

5 must try vegetarian Arabic foods in Jordan
Source – Pinterest.com

The vegetarian stuffing is made of chickpeas flavored with Arabic spices. The balance of zucchini and chickpeas stuffing makes mahshi greatly loved by travellers and locals. It is served with rice or breads.

  • Dawali

Dawali is popularly known as Warak Enab. It is one of the most well-known dishes all over Middle East. The main ingredient of the dish is grape leaves.


Dawali grape leaf food in Jordan
Dawali, delicately rolled and served on a platter.


5 must try vegetarian Arabic foods in Jordan
Source- Pinterest.com

The leaves are simmered in a mixture of olive oil and lemon until tender and soft. For the stuffing a mixture of spiced rice, tomatoes and green onions is used. The dish is very famous not only in Jordan but all over Middle east.

  • Galaya

Also known as Galaya Bandura, it is a yummy dip something similar to salsa. Tomatoes and pine nuts are the main ingredients, and for added flavour, olive oil and garlic are used.


veg Arabic food options in Jordan
Galaya Bandura. I ate it with bread. We Indians tend to miss our breads after a certain point. This was a much needed dish at that ‘breakup’ point.


5 must have vegetarian food options in middle east
The vegetarian delight.

It is enjoyed with the traditional breads of Jordan like pita, shrak and many more.

  • Moujanat

Moujanat is also referred to as Fatayer. It resembles a pastry and is a delicious vegetarian snack served all over Jordan. The filling can be of flavourful potatoes, vegetables or spinach. Baked to perfection these are a must try when in Jordan.

5 must try vegetarian Arabic foods in Jordan
Source – Pinterest.com


Hope you enjoyed this gastronomical treat. Make sure to try these delicacies on your next trip to Jordan and be a happy traveler. Also, share in the comments section if you have tried any of these, or have any other suggestions for vegetarian treats in Jordan.

Take note of these 5 must try vegetarian Arabic foods in Jordan before you leave.

P.S: The pictures (unless source mentioned) are clicked by me with Honor 5X, my travel partner for easy and high quality pictures.

Thankyou Jordan Tourism for providing an insight into Jordan delicacies. You fed my heart and soul.

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