Review: Whitening Sea Mineral Facial at ISAAC Wellness

Getting Pampered is our right and We shall have it.

A facial is not just a facial. I mean it has its benefits but more that, it’s a Me Time. It’s a time when I put my phone on silent, close my eyes and let the world take a walk for 45 minutes. If someone gives me 15 minutes extra and makes it an hour, I love that person more. Such a thing happened last week at ISAAC Wellness, an International Skin & Anti Ageing Centre. And my facial was more than a facial. It was more like a treatment for a better textured skin and who will mind that? Not a Delhite, we guys love to get pampered and love our skins to glow. And facial is our favourite tool!


 ISAAC wellness review
ISAAC Skin & Anti Ageing Centre
 ISAAC wellness review
The procedure room for the Hydra Facial.


Name of the Treatment: Whitening Sea Mineral Facial

Benefits and Indications:

  1. De-tanning
  2. Reduce pigmentation
  3. Reduce light acne marks
  4. Smoothens the uneven skin tone
  5. Rejuvenation and brightening of the skin.

Skin types: Oily, Combination, Dry and sensitive skin. Basically, All skin types.

Treatment downtime: No Downtime, which means that there are no post treatment dos and don’ts. You can walk out in the sun. Ofcourse, with a sun screen.

No of advised sessions: The service is recommended to be repeated once every week. I would suggest, do it once a month but do it regularly.

Duration: 45 mins to 1 hour

Price for the Hydra Facial: Rs 7,000/-

Technology and Procedure:

Indulge your skin with a moisturizing bath, refresh your eyes, firm your features, illuminate and oxygenate your complexion while restoring your skin to full health. Your skin is immersed in soothing, marine-sourced ingredients customized to your personal skin type. A gentle combination of purified seawater and massage rejuvenates and restores your skin, creating a luminous complexion.


Issac skin & anti ageing centre
Clean and well maintained Procedure Rooms.


Issac skin & anti ageing centre review
Well trained and highly competent professionals.


About ISAAC International Skin & Anti Ageing Centre


The ISAAC International Skin & Anti Ageing Centre provides the following services under the guidance of Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta:

  • Cosmetic Dermatology which includes Medi Facial Therapies, Acne Scar and Stretch marks treatment, Chemical Peels, Hydra Facials.
  • Laser for Hair Reduction and Photo Rejuvenation.
  • Slimming Treatments- Body Contouring, Cellulite Reduction, Detoxification, DNA Diet and Firming & Tightening.
  • Hair: Anti hair loss and FUE Hair Transplant
  • Anti Ageing- Botox, Fillers, Face Lift.

The centres are at Chattarpur and DLf Emporio Mall in Delhi; South Point Mall and Ibis Hotel in Gurgaon.


My Experience at ISAAC Wellness


I loved the hour spent on me. Firm and soft hands worked their way while infusing goodness of the Hydra Facial. Purified Seawater was gently massaged into the skin and I went into my wonderland. Totally relaxed and totally charged up result.

P.S: I was very unwell that day and the girls at the centre took extra care to ensure that I felt absolutely at ease. These things count to make you a happy and loyal customer. They earned my loyalty the very moment. My next in line is the Acne Marks Treatment from ISAAC Wellness. And I look forward to that. Needless to say that it’ll be documented here so that any of you with a similar need can be fully confident to go ahead with it.

Till then….love always

Tanya Virmani

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