Tanya Virmani X Payal Jain

Your outfit is an echo of who you are. What you wear is what you think. When you walk through a designer’s collection, you walk through a colour palette, a design warehouse and most of all, a style and sensibility. The vintage wardrobe collection from Payal Jain is elegance X timelessness. Here is a piece that I picked up. It’s comfortable, it’s sassy and it’s so me.

Tanya Virmani for payal jain design
The front embroidery catches you the minute you lay your eye on it.
Payal Jain design
For a dreamy afternoon or a breezy evening.
Payal Jain design
Apt knee length, neither high nor low.
Tanya Virmani
Let’s get going.
Payal Jain design
Hello Hello.

About the dress

This is a super comfortable knee length dress. It has ruffled sleeves that are easy to be in. The neckline is pretty covered and you can just be yourself inside. I spent a complete evening with this stunning piece and comfort was the key. The summer fabric breathes with you and the colour palette chosen for highlighting is soothing. No one can miss you in this dress.

Tanya Virmani for payal jain design
Wearing this stunner by Payal Jain.
Payal Jain design
Love to be inside.
Tanya Virmani for payal jain design
Ruffled sleeves for that edge.

I paired it up with sandals for a formal evening, whereas a pair of sneakers underneath would have accentuated a cool and relaxed vibe. Such is the fun with these dresses, you can underplay or overplay, as you feel like. Jewellery requirement is minimum. Just the regular baubles that you wear and you’re good to go. This is a fun piece which doesn’t require much of thinking or preparation. These are your rescue pieces that you can fit anywhere. Just wear and move out. A bright lipstick and some kohl would be enough. A flat sandal or heels or sneakers, match your mind. In short, these are those love pieces inside your wardrobe that get you maximum likes and compliments.

Hope you liked the dress!

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