Chikankari – riot of threads. My favourite!

Chikan suits

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Lucknow chikan suits

Lucknowi chikan kurtas, dupattas, palazzos and churidaars.

My latest post is all about Chikankari. This is a famous thread work from Lucknow and is known worldwide for it’s elan and elegance. Chikankari is a form of hand embroidery done by the artisans of India to produce beautiful textiles and fabrics. It is a technique of surface ornamentation and is hugely worn during the summer season.

chikankari suits

Lucknowi chikankari dealer for chikan fabric, chikan kurtas, designer suits.

There are basically 32 types of stitches in Chikankari.

1) Tepchi
2) Bakhia
3) Phool
4) Katau
5) Zanjeera
6) Rahet
7) Phanda
8) Banarsi
9) Jaali
10) Bijli
11) Darz
12) Ghaas Patti
13) Chana Patti
14) Kauri
15) Balda
16) Makra
17) Hathkati
18) Karan
19) Kapkapi
20) Banjkali
21) Chasm-e-bulbul
22) TajMahal
23) Dhaniya
24) Kangan
25) Sidhaul
26) Rozan
27) Dhaniya Patti
28) Meharki
29) Murri
30) Keel Kanga
31) Ulti Bakhia
32) Pechni

Beautiful designs are crafted using the above techniques and one can only marvel at the end result. I am a fan of this embroidery and some of my better creations and designs are using Chikan work. Lucknowi chikan suits are known worldwide for their designs and aesthetics. Some of the famous products of this hand embroidery are:

Lucknowi chikan suits

Chikan dupattas

Chikan stoles

Bed covers and pillow covers

Table runners

Handkerchiefs etc

Lucknowi chikan suits

Lucknowi chikan kurtas, dupattas, palazzos and churidaars suits designs.

Lucknowi chikan suits

Beautiful Lucknowi chikan suits, kurtas, dupattas designs.

Chikan has even invaded our fashion weeks and Manish Malhotra uses it extensively in his creations. From pure white on white, the thread form has expanded to pastel and darker shades. The fun is wearing the handwork on pink, blue, lemon, orange and even black base. I have designed chikan suits in Chanderi, georgette to our preferred cottons. My collection of Lucknowi chikan designer suits is available at Gyans Saket and at famous exhibitions. I also sell chikan suits online. You can contact me at for beautiful chikan fabrics, full suits, Lucknowi chikan kurtas, dupattas, palazzos and churidaars. It’ll be nice to hear from you.

My favourite summers are here and so is the time to flaunt this beautiful thread form from office wear to evening dinners. The lightness of the fabric, sheerness of the dupattas and the riot of thread colors- all this makes Chikan such a pleasing and elegant wear. Let’s expresso beautiful Lucknowi Chikankari this summer.


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