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5 reasons to shop from

Follow Share Aren’t we all in love with online shopping? Well I am sure most of us are. It is easy, convenient and totally irresistible. Be it books or sarees, home furnishing or shoes, you name it

How to recycle a saree

Follow Share Your mom’s and grand mom’s trunk is nothing short of a hidden treasure. I am always on the lookout to grab something from my mom’s trunk, especially when it comes to a saree. It seems

This is ME and I love it!

Follow Share I have always been a rebel my life. I have always defied the norms and did what I thought was correct. My being a rebel never harmed anyone, didn’t bring any disgrace to my family.

Viber makes your memorable occasions precious

Follow Share Tech Blog India The big fat Indian wedding is incomplete without the boisterous over-enthusiastic chaachi/maami/ bhua from the US or UK tut-tuting over the jhataak theme of the décor to sugar-free motichoor laddoos over ghee

Best Rakhi gifts for brothers

Follow Share It is that time of the year when you can officially blackmail your brother for anything you want. After all you have kept his secrets, saved him from your parents and of course have been