The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops Review

Pretty intriguing! What can shade adjusting drops be? What can it do? Why do I need it? Well, I have it all answered here. The Body Shop Shade Adjusting drops review will ease your concerns.

Many a times we have this problem of finding the correct foundation shade as per our skin tone. Usually brands have 3 to 4 shades to choose from. And the lucky us, pun intended, are somewhere in between. Either the matching shade is a little light or a little dark. And then we compromise. But no more. Now, we can get the correct foundation tone by using these shade adjusting drops. The shade adjusting drops can either let you lighten your foundation color or darken it a bit. The Body Shop internationally has launched both types. But in India, only lightening shade adjusting drops have been launched.


the body shop shade adjusting drops review
The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops

the body shop shade adjusting drops review
The glass bottle and the dropper.



The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops review

  • These drops let you lighten your foundation shade that is dark for you. One drop is good enough to lighten the shade by a tone. Be careful in the ratio. For the entire face coverage, first mix a drop to the total foundation amount required. See the result and mix another drop if required.
  • Runny formula, easy to mix.
  • Packed neatly inside a glass bottle with a dropper to pour in the drops as required.
  • The formula instantly mixes with the foundation for a seamless finish.
  • It doesn’t bother the undertones of the foundation. The foundation retains it’s original sheen and feel.
  • Price: Rs 1795/- for 15 ml.
  • Availability: Body Shop stores. Check online aswell. The Body Shop site and other sites might have it. It’ll save you the hassle of going all the way to the store.

I hope the brand launches the darkening shade adjusting drops in India soon. Sometimes, the foundation is light for the skin tone. That’s where these drops will come handy.

Would you be willing to buy the shade lightening drops? Do they appear useful to you? Share your comments below!

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