Revlon Parfumerie scented nail enamel Review

I am sure you must have heard about glitter nail polish, graffiti nail polish, metallic nail polish and matte nail polish. But the all new Revlon Parfumerie scented nail enamel is a step ahead in the nail polish industry.

The first time I heard about it, I was totally mesmerized and decided to give it a try. So here is the complete review of the Revlon Parfumerie scented nail enamel.

Revlon has been a trusted name and when they come up with an innovation and a unique concept like this, it certainly deserves limelight.

Revlon Parfumerie scented nail enamel Review

The nail polish is available in a variety of beautiful colors – mint, coral, lavender, brown and red. The names are also quite unique like China Rose, Wintermist, Ginger Melon etc.

Revlon Parfumerie scented nail enamel
Revlon Parfumerie scented nail enamel- China Flower.
Revlon Parfumerie scented nail enamel
Revlon Parfumerie scented nail enamel- African Tea Rose.

Packaging – It comes in a pretty square bottle with a matte black lid. It is indeed very cute. After the divine fragrance, the bottle is the next attraction in Revlon Parfumerie scented nail enamel. Since it is a square bottle it can be easily stacked in your organizers or drawers.

The catch for the fragrance is that you can only smell it once the nail polish is set and dry on your nails. The brush is long and flat. It spreads out evenly and gives complete coverage in a single stroke. The fragrance is fruity and floral and stays for 3 – 4 days. The good part about the fragrance is that it is not very strong. The nail polish itself stays for around 5 days and then starts chipping.

beauty blog India
Revlon Parfumerie scented nail enamel- Ginger Melon on the nails.

The colors are bold and vibrant. Given here is the swatch of Ginger Melon. It is bright pink which almost looks like coral. It has a sweet floral fragrance.

Talking about the formulation now, it is a bit runny (watery) and needs multiple coats to give an opaque finish. You can wear it without top and base coat.

Price – 350/- for 11.7 ml

Although the price is towards the higher side but it is worth the experience.

This was the Revlon Parfumerie scented nail enamel review. Will you buy it next?

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  1. I have the China Flower shade which I bought few weeks ago ???? and I absolutely love it ???????? I agree with all your points ✔

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