Perfume Love: Giordani Gold Man Eau de Toilette Review

Giordani Gold Man by Oriflame is a strong woody floral musk. The ‘Fragrance for men’ comes in an attractive glass bottle. The masculine fragrance makes for a perfect gift for him.

Valentine’s just over but the whole year is there to see bright lights. There are enough and more reasons to gift your men and that can range from birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, sister love or just like that. Well just like that is the best! Here is Oriflame Giordani Gold Man Eau de Toilette Review to help you make your mind. The perfume kicks off instantly and is quite in budget. Here you go…

Giordani Gold Man Eau de Toilette Review
Giordani Gold Man Eau de Toilette

Giordani Gold Man Eau de Toilette Review

The Bottle

Oriflame perfume perfect gift for him
Fragrance of the month.
Giordani Gold Man Eau de Toilette Review
Makes for a thoughtful ‘gift for him’.

The perfume is contained inside a sturdy dark brown glass bottle with a golden lid. There is a cut out prism that gives it delicacy. The shape and the colour of the bottle is classy and manly.


The Fragrance

Giordani Gold Man EDT is an amalgamation of vetiver, black pepper and bergamot. The fragrance features the scent of refined vetiver and embodies the man who lives his life with deep passion and sophistication. This strong fragrance gets brightened with vibrant bergamot, sublime woody vetiver and black pepper to have an effect that opens up the senses and value for finer things in life.


Rs 2499/- for 75 ml.

Giordani Gold Man Eau de Toilette perfume
Woody floral musk to get you high!
fragrance for him Oriflame
The bottle and him, both to love!


Oriflame Giordani Gold Man Eau de Toilette is available with Oriflame consultants and Oriflame online. You can buy it here.

A man has to smell nice, that’s a given. Needless to say, the perfume stays long and his shirt would smell of it even after a long day at work. Grab the bottle and wish him well. Sometimes you don’t even need a reason. Some love and perfume is enough.

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