Deborah Milano Secrets of the Smokey Eye Palette Review

The blues may be killing you but this set of blues will lift your spirits, guaranteed! Check out the Deborah Milano Secrets of the Smokey Eye Palette Review and give your eyes spectacular blue wings to fly.


Deborah Milano Secrets of the Smokey Eye Palette Review


Deborah Milano Secrets of the Smokey Eye Palette Review
Smokey eyes in a matter of a minute!


Deborah Milano Secrets of the Smokey Eye Palette Review
These blues do the talking….



Stylishly stacked in a compact black case are 5 shades of blue, vivd and divine at the same time. The 6th shade which is silver is added to mix and create drama with the other shades of blue. The palette can be easily carried in a makeup pouch or placed neatly on your makeup shelf. There is a mirror given inside the palette to help you create a smokey look wherever you want. You can easily carry it in your purse for touch ups during the day.


The shades are powdery with a lot of silver shimmer inside. This helps in creating disco and other dramatic looks with little effort. A single shade is also good enough to create looks that stand out. For eg, the indigo blue shade can stand alone create a drama around eyes. The icy light blue is good for a day out and the grey-blue shade does a killer with denims.

The unique manufacturing process turns the liquid formulation into a very delicate light weight powder that results in a silky texture with brilliant shine and divine luminosity.

Price : Rs 1175/-

Available online at various websites. Just search for it.

The ‘Made in Italy’ brand is a guarantee of high quality. This limited edition series is in 3 shades: The spectacular blue reviewed here, the innocent harmonies of browns and the alluring greens. Get your hands on your favourite shades and give a hassle free perfection to your hands while creating a smokey look each time. Time to let your eyes do the talking.

*PR Sample sent by brand.

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