Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair + Dabur Olive Hair Oil review

Olive Oil is a go to beauty solution for most of us now-a-days. We all love to dip and soak our hair in it for hours or a full night to get the maximum goodness. The benefits of Olive Oil for hair are numerous. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Adds shine. Olive oil works well on the hair to add shine and lustre.
  • Reduces frizz. Olive Oil can also be used as a serum to tame frizz and make hair manageable.
  • Softens hair. Olive oil hot massage is a great help for softening hair and adding life to them.
  • Promotes hair growth. Olive oil works deep in the hair and helps in promoting hair growth.
  • Excellent conditioner for hair. Olive oil works as a great conditioner for hair. Used alone or in a mixture with other easily available oils, Olive Oil makes the hair shiny and soft. For a hot oil treatment, mix olive and castor oil in equal proportion and lukewarm it. Apply on the scalp and the hair length and massage for 10 minutes. Wrap a hot towel on the head and leave it for 5 minutes till it cools. Wash the hair after a couple of hours or leave it overnight.Dabur Olive Oil

Dabur Olive Hair Oil review:

  • Dabur Vatika Olive Hair Oil is a beautiful concoction made with almond protein and Aloe Vera.
  • Regular use helps in controlling hairfall and makes the hair silky and bouncy.
  • It is available in 100 ml for Rs 65 and 200 ml for Rs 120/-. The trial packs are available for Rs 60 & Rs 110 respectively.
  • The oil is non-sticky and light in texture with a soothing light fragrance.
  • Apply it root to scalp and massage gently for an oil treatment at home. A few drops can also be applied as a serum for outer coating of the hair.
  • For people, who like to keep oil in their hair always, this is a good option for being non-sticky and giving the oil soothing effects at the same time.

Benefits of Olive Oil for hair are amazing and have a great effect in the long run. Make it a regular habit to massage your hair with olive oil and see the magical results yourself.

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